Rough Out Here


2014 hasn’t been friendly to content. Part of it is due to seasonal depression, but nature also has a way of calming down any newscycle pertinent to northeastern skateboarding. Like, the Berrics put out the highest volume of New York-related content so far in 2014, so apologies for yet another unforeseen maintenance week. (Or foreseen fashion week, whichever you prefer.)

Was 2011 this bad? No, right? Or did nobody notice because NPBS was out? After looking though the winter 2011 archives for ideas on what sort of things to rehash, we still came up short. There was a lot of talk about camo, Gucci Mane’s ice cream tattoo and the Knicks, i.e. things that are not particularly #relevant for 2014 content. We also explored the possibility of another “Winter That Was” clip, until realizing every (particularly bad) winter spent here looks exactly the same. The 2011 one will suffice, and a 2014 one doesn’t need to happen. Just imagine the Below the Bridge footage being at House of Vans now. Oh, and here’s Zered doing a switch hardflip wallride, which would’ve been the best trick in a hypothetical “2014 Winter That Was” clip anyway. New stuff soon. Pinky swear :)

P.S. In case you want to get advice on girls n’ stuff from the only L.A-native to ever be tenured by Quartersnacks, Mike G. took over the reigns of the “Ask” feature on Alex Olson’s Tumblr.


Well, the old prank calls were pretty good…


  1. Why dont yall quit yer bitchin about this weather and make a post about skating in relatable to it all. maybe somethin about Canadians, ya know we deal with shit weather here too eh.

  2. Of course the weather is shitty, but you guys could come up with some clips. How about a session in 178th subway station, also that other long ass tunnel in wash heights. They sell “2000” there, or at least they did. We used to drive up the Palisades Parkway to a mini ramp/skate shop in some old ass warehouse in Haverstraw. Place was chill. Sometimes I would be tripping hard on shrooms and just sit in the car, but even that was fun.

    Point being, give us some clips. Why dont skate companies put content out more. How hard is it for 3 minutes of footage in a month. It doesnt have to be Pretty Sweet caliber, more like Gino talking about some parking lot with his pretty sweet footage. Content is what builds loyalty to a brand. I used to enjoy World Ads as much as the riders. The argument that releasing content on a regular basis waters down it’s quality is absurd.

    Im waiting on a truck to sell, and then Im going to have some money for a project or two. Like 7 minute version of “Sky Pager” or 56k in HD. SkateMafia Monthly, but for Quartersnacks sphere of influence. These ideas I have are good, but I cant film or skate(anymore), so I offer them up to the youth.

    Disregard, Im going to play Titanfall and smoke weed.

  3. if youve been following this site you know its 50% music 25% fashion and the very last 25% is about skateboarding and what do you expect its fucking freezing in nyc and its been snowing like every other day, and if youve never seen nyc after a snow storm its a shit show every sidewalk is slush and every intersection is a deceivingly deep puddle. spring is near

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