The Jake Johnson Files – Part 1

So, we have an extensive interview with Jake Johnson, conducted in early-to-mid October, sitting on the back burner right now. He’s steadily been resurfacing on the radar after a leg injury, is doing switch back noseblunts and skating rocks, and had a lot of interesting things to say. However, the audio for it is about eighty minutes long. As you could imagine, that takes quite a bit of time to transcribe and edit. While we begin that process, we’re going to post some footage from the days when Jake regularly appeared in Quartersnacks clips.

The clip below was filmed by Rob Harris in 2007 and 2008. Some of it appeared here, some of it was in the Rich Mahogany video, and a few of the tricks didn’t appear anywhere. All in New York, raw, uncut, with a Mike Gigliotti cameo. There’ll probably be one more video. It’ll be longer, and actually edited. As far as the interview, expect it in the next week or so.

P.S. Who took that back tail photo? Not trying to let the photographer go uncredited, but a name didn’t come up with it. Credit goes to Mike O’Meally.

P.P.S. This is the worst shit in the history of shit.


  1. One of those unique people out there! Jake’s got such a good style and skates mean spots!

    And that Lil wanker is fucking terrible. What’s up with these fake people trying skateboarding?!

  2. cant jay and kanye find their own shit to do instead of ripping us off and making beats like otis?

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