The Winter That Was / Still Is

winter 2015

Haven’t done a “winter” clip since 2011, but maybe the coldest January-February-March of our lifetime deserves a revival of this non-tradition. (FYI: It’s going back down to thirty-degree temperatures on Saturday.)

Below are the few days that were spent skating in this cold bitch of a season. It is obvs edited to a song off the album that kept the Quartersnacks office from joining hands and jumping out of our thirty-eighth floor window after reviewing any given ten-day forecast from this past winter. StremmLife is a happy rap classic — and we just trying to have fun yo. (Free idea: Since it’s break-up season and all…if your girl breaks up with you right before all your hot new footage drops, you should def retweak the part to “This Could Be Us” A.K.A. the Rae Sremmurd Blackalicious song.)

Filmed by Andre Page and John Diaz ♥♥♥

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 3.31.55 AM

Tryna Live Comfortable…

It finally snowed. Can you people shut up now? Did you get a chance to rock your ‘Lo boots? It’s supposed to be 52 and rain today, so hopefully, this is all gone by Tuesday. Photo by Ian Reid.

New York is kinda hurt, huh? Our baseball team doesn’t have a soul, our basketball team is permanent garbage, our hockey team is irrelevant, our best rapper is 42 (thus also garbage), and our best rapper of the last ten years is serving a 75-year prison sentence. So, it makes perfect sense for our hopes to rest on a doofy whiteboy quarterback…

Shout out to the Lev and the Palace crew. They won a European Skate Brand of the Year award. They’re also riding around and getting it.

E.J. put together a nine-minute homie cam montage featuring Yaje shredding flatbars, people dressed as robots vibing out to 2007 electro hits, and Juicy J cameos. This clip makes E.J. the first person to edit footage of Black Dave the Skater to music by Black Dave the Rapper. If you’re into art and shit, check out this video of E.J’s recent show, Inimicus.

Some nostalgic reflections on Slap, and the generally grim future of print skateboard magazines from a shop owner. That blog also has a respectable alternative list to Transworld‘s “Top 30 Most Influential” from last month.

Skate Mental pays homage to skateboarding’s most infamous shoe and the largest overlap between early-2000s skater and graver (goth + raver = gothic raver = graver) culture, the Osiris D3, in their spring 2012 catalog.

Be Pretty is a NY-based video by Esteban Jefferson. They have been putting it online piece-by-piece throughout the past week. Young kids shredding cutty New York spots. Not mad at it.

Late, but the DQM site has an interview up with Brian Delatorre discussing the Skateboarder cover, iPhones, Instagram, and falling victim to technology. Speaking of falling victim to technology — This is next level insane.

The young don of the T.F. Roctakon’s intern, Slicky Boy, has a new freestyle out over the How To Make It In America theme… “Made me spend all my ones on 2 Bros. / I want two of those slices / ’cause my mind is feelin’ real righteous.”

Already posted this on Facebook, and it has nothing to do with skating, but in case you missed it, this is the most G shit ever. If a skater was going to jump out of the ninth story of a Wilshire Boulevard office building, who would have the best chance of talking him down? Carroll? Rick? The Muska? Rob C? Tony Hawk? Peter Bici?

Torey 2 Beerz video on Wednesday. Ishod video on Friday. The NPBS mixtape celebrates its one-year anniversary around this time. If you didn’t download it a year ago, 2011 probably sucked for you.

Winter in New York: A Cautionary Tale

The face of New York skateboarding is typically broadcasted to the public in its April through September form, via footage of visitors doing superior tricks with an inferior fashion sense. However, even many of those inhabiting the New York metropolitan area for at least the duration of a twelve month lease manage to escape the dreaded core of winter by way of tropical / Floridian / Southern Californian getaways, or temporarily suspend all skateboard related activities (aside from drunkenly tripping on your board in the dark, obviously.) Quartersnacks is no exception, as a scheduled break in video updates after the annual Christmas clip has been built into the schedule by our program directors every year. (These updates resume anywhere from March to June.) Therefore, the greater public rarely sees a glimpse of what those buried, untold months of skateboarding’s offseason are truly like.

For the sake of making use of all the random clips from the winter sitting around on cellphones, Flip cams, and data cards, this is a brief example of what winter 2011, in all its snowy horror, looked like. People seem to have an increased tolerance for indoor footage thanks to the Berrics and its various off-shoots, but please be forewarned that there are no 360 flip nose manual 360 flip outs, or any epic lighting production in the proceeding video. A roster list isn’t really necessary…

Alternate YouTube link: Make it rain, trick.

About those updates…

From last season’s unreleased Supreme lookbook.

The only thing left in the QS web store is size medium tees. 4XL tall tees coming soon! Thanks again to whoever purchased something for their support of the site.

Prodigy came home today.

Since merging the “scene” with the board in the world of footwear two years ago, Dylan Rieder’s status as a emerging fashion icon has become unquestionable. He became a legend to all those who wished to rip the streets in the day, ice coffee in hand and fashionable shoes on feet, while pursuing the love of rich, well-to-do white girls in the late evenings. But merely stopping at footwear would be selling short, as the upper percentiles of fashionably-inclined skateboarders need much more than silhouette-complimenting pants and Dylan’s trademark Gravis model. Enter Gravis’ new line of man bags. No longer will we be confined to rinky-dink Jansports, dusty Osiris G-Bags (not really), or Paulgar’s unmistakable cotton tote — a new era for carrying things around with you is upon us. Remember, it’s not a purse, it’s European.

The big question of the week: If Twitter is the internet’s form of a beeper, will somebody soon channel Kareem Campbell and Tweet in the middle of a line? Via RE1000 and Frozen in Carbonite.

Considering Galen’s blog has been updated about as many times as Eddy Curry has played in a game these past three years, it must be acknowledged that there are some new photos up there from Japan, less party-inclined life in the Midwest, and various other debauchery.

Some embarrassing, best-we-could-do bail photos from a skate night we have been doing at Below the Bridge Park these past few weeks, in hopes of learning how to skate again after a winter full of coming home at 4 AM, and using skateboards as bottle openers.

While on the subject, everyone involved with Flipmode is still good, and doesn’t suck, like we do. (Actually, Josh can kind of still skate well.) View their clip from House of Vans as evidence.

Apparently, after pouring in considerable resources into skateproofing, ticketing, and any other possible measure that could be taken to discourage skateboarding, the city of Philadelphia decided it would just be best to break costly marble into pieces so no one could sit, skate, look at, or utilize it in any way. The best thing about the plan is that it clearly backfired. Good to know that they prefer shattered marble over some black wax marks around the edge. Another great move by a city that loves skateboarding!

Low Card has a New York feature in their new issue.

Quote Slang Editorial of the Week:

From the desk of T. Barrow. From a few years ago, hence the Myspace reference.

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Could really go for a heatwave right about now…

(Winter = painful. Summer = occasionally uncomfortable. Therefore, complaining about winter = more justified than complaining about summer. It’s not the same thing.)

Updates slowed up a bit due to winter’s cold core getting the best of all productive activity pertinent to this website. However, given the upcoming promise of a forty-degree week, it would make sense to start arranging for content to make its way to this website’s homepage, as statistics tend to indicate a lot of people have been hitting up the front page, seeing the same black and white photo of an early morning coffee cart, and leaving. Some of this irregularity in updating also has to do with Young Jeezy’s ill-advised fifth or sixth attempt at putting his crew on, yielding some rather uncharacteristically, un-motivatial music. This website has always strived to preserve a balance between creating content, and unearthing / aggregating content, and it seems like this absurdly snowy winter (combined with a lack of resources to go to warmer pastures that are friendlier to skateboard content creation) has tipped the scales toward the latter end of things.

Updates resume on Saturday Sunday. In the meantime, here are some past clips to remind us of that wonderful period of existence that needs to arrive sooner than later.

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