Slide like a fresh pair of gators

The 2000s summarized in one, technology encompassing shoebox — physical CD mixtapes, 3.5″ harddrives, and a grip of unmarked Mini DV tapes.

This site has never been about technological allegiances, but if the more candid, less-ambitious skateboard endeavors that make their way to this website can be shot on either of these two devices, as opposed to something that contributes to the rising need for Mini-DV-containing shoebox storage, so be it. Quartersnacks is filmed largely on a damn Canon Mini DV camera, so if you’re looking for video quality, you’ve been coming to the wrong place for quite some time. That being said, this clip has all the expected hallmarks of a digi-cam clips: skateparks, heads being cut off, feet being cut off, 12th & A, annoying security guards asking why you’re trying to put them on YouTube (you know everyone is on the lookout for the next Bush video), skating the suburbs and crashing into Lexuses, and an ensemble of other don’t-take-it-too-seriously-isms.

This clip was filmed by Josh Velez. Features Yaje Popson, Emilio, Corey Rubin, Alex, Matthew Mooney, Charles Lamb, Galen Dekemper, Josh Velez, DJ Roctakon, Pryce Holmes, Ty Lyons, Alex Mosley, Andre Page, and Ritch Swain.

Velez’s Corner Volume 1 can be found here. Uploading this one to YouTube now.


  1. Daaaaaamn! you guys have THE worst styles in nyc skating. there are 16 year olds in queens that shit allover you. Biggie would be tight about a buncha fugazis usin his track.

  2. minidv anything is awesome. 2010 is looking pretty bad for the skateboarders. Yo foot flips and hd skate plazas

  3. It never ceases to amaze me when people go on to a website only to hate on the content, go get some pussy.

  4. this site after the re design for the first time is slowly starting to help me not miss new york as much when i log on every night and see the weather. 26 degrees?! i live in sf now, it gets cold, but damn not that fucking cold

    i’m sure my feelings will change once spring rolls around

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