ATTENTION: All Broke-ass Skateboarders

…or more specifically, broke-ass skateboarders without video cameras who need/want one*, Groupon currently has a deal on Flip Mino HD cameras for $65. Though Flip Cameras are no longer being produced, it still makes for a worthwhile alternative to other low-cost skateboard-filming devices, like the iPhone or the more expensive GoPro cameras. These three clips were filmed on a Flip cam, and it’s actually way better than the iPhone for lowlight situations. (Can’t say it’s better than the GoPro, which given the cost/size, is great at night.)

In broke-ass skateboarder terms, $65 is equivalent to to:

60 dollar menu items (after taxes)
325 dumplings
433 packs of Top Ramen
37 sixteen-ounce cans of Budweiser
8 beers at a nightlife establishment on the westside with tip
9 beers at a nightlife establishment on the westside without tip

It might be a stretch for those selling “drop offs” to thirteen-year-olds for $5 or hucking their ex-girlfriend’s remaining clothes at Buffalo Exchange, but it certainly is the cheapest deal you’ll see for an acceptable camera to film skating on.

Shout to Eby for pointing this out.

In return for this favor, please send us all the footage you film on your new camera for our “Monday Links” posts. At least 25% of the clips that appear on there are filmed on Flip cams anyway.

*If a camera-less broke skateboarder actually exists is anyone’s guess. There has definitely been a case in history when someone sacrificed eating for a week in order to pay for his filmer’s eighteenth VX1000 repair.

Filming Clips, Straight Off the iPhone

Contrary to what Rick Ross may insist, the iPhone probably isn’t well suited for “selling dope.” However, it’s great for second angles and quick clips when you’re sitting around lurking at skate spots, as many have learned. (It’s not ironic that a former law enforcement official encourages impressionable youths to perform illegal activities on a highly traceable piece of technology, but perhaps he’s just trying to make his colleagues’ jobs easier.)

If Universitat is Barcelona’s (vastly superior) version of Union, then MACBA is the city’s (vastly superior) version of Tompkins and 12th & A. People kind of just get stuck lurking there, and avoiding it is a badge you can proudly wear, just like “I haven’t been to Tompkins in weeks” is a controversial conversation piece for any New York skater. Further similarities exist in that it’s too dark to skate MACBA at night (doesn’t stop people from trying), and it is a premier location for “homie cam” clips. If Diamond Days clips were based in Barcelona, they’d undoubtedly have their 3:1 duration ratio of 12th & A to non-12th & A footage replaced with MACBA footage. As a result, here is an iPhone clip, largely composed of footage filmed while sitting bored at MACBA, and other joyful moments.

Features Ishod Wair, some lil’ homie (who also appears in a recent Clint Peterson Transworld clip), Tyler Tufty, Vladamir Kirilenko, [poached footage of] Omar Salazar, Andre Page, Ty Lyons, Doug Brown, Andy Henrie, Marcel Veldman, and E.J.

Alternate YouTube Link

That Summer Flip Cam Wave

Photo by Jason Lecras

Threw together a bunch of cutty Flip Cam and iPhone clips that have been laying around since the end of winter, plus footage of some more recent outings. 2011 might have the worst (best?) ratio of rap songs to non-rap songs as far as music selection in Quartersnacks clips goes. So far, there has been one clip (not counting Justin White’s contribution) where the soundtrack hasn’t dealt with cars, making it rain, pimping, ice cream, inquires to “how ya do that there,” or RACKS. We’ll try our best to acknowledge another genre of music to edit skate clips to in the near future. Have a good weekend.

Features Black Dave, Ritch Swain, Ben Nazario, Corey Rubin, Shawn Powers, Kevin Tierney, Billy Mcfeely, Dennis Feliciano, Galen Dekemper, Alex, AJ, Billy Rohan, Josh Velez, and Luke Malaney. Filmed by Josh Velez. Shout out to all the bums with no footage in this.

Alternate YouTube Link: Roof missin, background pumpin’ Marvin Gaye

Let’s Get It

Not really mad at Scottie Pippen’s playoff predictions, save the second round favor of Miami. Definitely backing the call on Oklahoma. (Basketball is going to be a bigger topic than usual on here for the next few weeks, deal with it. We’ll be avoiding all the infuriating aspects of yesterday’s game though.)

Following up with that bit about Skatebook getting sued for those Simpsons illustrations by 20th Century Fox, it was definitely wise to scoop up a copy a few weeks back, as the going price for it now is an upwards of $300 for a used copy on Amazon. There were copies going for $30-$40 the week of that initial post in late March.

Alternate edit of Kyle Iles part in Rich Mahogany, set to the sounds of Project Pat, which Kyle evidently disapproved of. There is not much a difference in terms of how the part is put together from the original, but you never need an excuse to revisit Kyle’s finest work. (He might be living in exile far away from New York now.)

This is probably the most intense / advanced game of S.K.A.T.E. to hit the internet in a while. Featuring Quartersnacks favorite, Youness Amrani, and his ability to do switch backside lipslides down handrails on call.

Some screengrabs and a compilation of teaser clips from J.P. Blair’s upcoming video, supposedly due out sometime this spring.

A quick write-up and a few photos from week 3 of our winter recovery skate night at the Below the Bridge Skatepark, which Quartersnacks has been doing with the crew over at Bowery Stadium.

While Luis Tolentino received widespread accolades for his Berrics’ part and proficiency for skating up things that go down, he still functions best in his natural habitat of Queens, New York. This short clip of outtakes from Flushing and AT&T proves that point. Did New York pioneer the act of setting up a trashcan before a set of stairs or was that invented elsewhere? (He channeled this in the Berrics part by placing the Los Angeles equivalent of a trashcan, a flatbar, in front of a set of stairs, and fakie heelflipping over it.)

A rare (and short) Van Wastell part from Consolidated’s 1999 Is What It Is video.

Keeping along with rare web finds, 48 Blocks recently posted a Girl / Chocolate promo that looks like it was released just before The Chocolate Tour (a lot of the footage in it later appeared in that video…Guy’s fakie frontside flip crook to fakie at Lockwood is still nuts.) Features Rick Howard courtside sightings at Lakers’ games, Sheffy taking on the Wu-Tang, and a behind the scenes look at one of the best commercials ever.

Everyone already proclaimed Dennis Busenitz as the to-be Skater of the Year. Well, Lil’ Chris (from 2nd Nature’s Eclectic video, and who appeared in the past two Watermelon videos dating all the way back to 2006) is Quartersnacks’ early contender for Skater of the Year. The realest thirteen-year-old on a board today.

Also pertaining to Westchester / 2nd Nature affiliates, Alexander Mosley has the opener in this Converse Brazil clip.

R.I.P. Flip Cameras. Probably a smart longterm move. They were immensely popular, but didn’t accomplish much that your average smartphone couldn’t already do. (Infinitely better in low-light situations than the iPhone 4 though.)

Quote of the Week:Bro, the fucking Knicks lost and I feel like smacking my girlfriend, but she’s a Jew broad and wouldn’t understand.” — Guy on cell phone at the bar

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Links From the Road


Although hinted at in a post this past summer, you have one last chance to skate the black marble banks on Park Avenue before they re-do the northern end of the building with the new, unskateable high marble ledges. One side has a grate, the other has a barricade that you can move in two seconds.

Throwback clip of the week: The Nollie Flips & Jump Shots Promo. For a video that unsurprisingly never happened, and was destined to be the defining document of Miles Marquez’s confused hick phase in 2006, which was coupled with a chronic case of ADD where he would invite you out to skate and then decide to go play basketball mid-session whenever he passed a court.

What the future holds for the Fish, if and when it re-opens in another location. In the event that The Fish opens in a non-Ludlow Street address, many of the nicknames for the region — The Flood, Floodlow, Thuglow, The Bar-muda Triangle — will no longer be valid.

Below is a Flip cam clip from Matthew Mooney, who no longer leaves his Spring Street apartment. Features Benjamin Nazario, Galen Dekemper, a Jason Dill cameo, and Alexander Mosley, so it is more than worth your time.

Last week’s unforgiving block of February-like weather reminded me that three years ago, under similar conditions, everyone who has ever said the word “skateboard” was watching Fully Flared. It didn’t matter if you were from the east coast, west coast, or Europe, every single person loved at least some part of this video. It has held up surprisingly well, and despite initial skepticism, the intro is actually pretty cool in hindsight. Out of the two comebacks, it is a shame that Rick’s part wasn’t as prevalent among discussion (both then and now), because it has aged better than Mariano’s. A lot of that probably has to do with the overdone slow motion (out of the more prominent skate video guys, Ty Evans is probably near the top of the QS list in terms of the most re-watchable productions, this is an exception to that lofty distinction), but people kind of zoned that out because it had a grand redemption narrative or something. It’s strange enough to think that Yeah Right! is some twenty-three-year-olds’ first video, the fact that Fully Flared is a first video for a whole generation of kids is even more bizarre.

Some hits from the street via Mike Maroza.

Quote of the Week: “Your lips look like Bubble Banks. They’re full of cracks and ashy.” — Tron Jenkins

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