Forrest Edwards: The $10 Meals Re-Edit

Better nine months late than never, right?

Below is a tribute to one of the few true personalities in modern, Everyone-Is-Good 2.0 skateboarding. Forrest is such a character that he singlehandedly rendered the One in a Million formula obsolete, as evidenced by the 2012 follow-up overextending itself in trying to compensate for his absence. If you have a skate company, you should probably turn this guy AM, mail him a check, and send him on a few trips. Here’s to Forrest making it out the struggle.

The footage in the edit is sourced from the Thrasher “Unhinged” part, the Crooks 2011 clip, Slap‘s “Dirty 30” segment, and the Wild Power video. You already know where the soundbytes are from. No varials included, which as you may know, is “the gayest go-to trick.”

Have a good weekend.

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Eli Reed Re-Edit

eli layback 5-0

Photo by Jason Jenkins. Click to enlarge.

Unable to sell Eli on the virtues of a “RIMIX” (please, nobody edit anything to “Pour It Up” before we get a chance to! Thanks!), this edit settled on a more straightforward mash-up of his footage from the past few years. The following includes some of the clips from R.B. Umali’s section in Transworld’s Cinematographer Project video, Eli’s Venture Trucks commercial from last year, his 2011 “Real Street” part, and a handful of tricks are previously unseen. Much like the Zered edit, it’s a compilation of his post-State of Mind part footage. It’s finally warming up this weekend (~65 degrees on Tuesday-Wednesday!), so go outside and enjoy it.

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Have a good weekend. Rest in peace, Roger Ebert. “See you at the movies.”

Snack & Destroy: Chief Drew Re-Edit

Unlike most Baker projects, Bake & Destroy video didn’t feature any great rap songs. (Though Terry Kennedy / Jeff Lenoce / Beagle / Theotis skate to a song by a disco icon that was also featured in Trading Places, making it by far the best #musicsupervision of 2012.) Yeah, this song has already been briefly used in Rob Gonyon’s 56k part, and there’s a video based out of North Carolina named after it, but we’re re-using it anyway.

There’s a 50% chance that Thrasher will delete this, but hopefully, they understand it comes with the territory when you release skate parts sans music. You can grab the whole video in the December 2012 issue. Skateboarding is so absurd right now that it’s not even worth “reviewing” the video.

Previously: Andrew Reynolds Baggy Girbauds Stay Gold Remix

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A Non-1017 Re-Edit For 10/17

Using this screengrab again because it’s sick.

This isn’t exactly a “re-edit,” since the footage originates from random clips and not an actual part, not to mention that a handful of it is new. The stuff you recognize is from the X-Games “Real Street” parts (2010, 2011) and those UXA clips promoting Zered’s guest board this past summer. The rest of it is unseen. Just think of it as a post-State of Mind part. Zered is pretty good at skateboarding, in case you forgot. Sorry Gucci, but it’s been a loonngg time since the big homie Dennis Coles has made it into a QS clip. Happy 10/17 regardless (celebrate here, here or here.) Filmed by: R.B. Umali, Joe Bouillot, Jason Jenkins, Steve Marino and Richard Quintero.

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Peter Ramondetta ‘Since Day One’ Remix

“It’ll probably be edited to Bone Thugs or some shit.” — “Quartersnacks” Google Alert from the Slap message board discussing the Ramondetta remix. One of the finer moments in QS Google Alert history.

No, it’s not edited to Bone Thugs. But it is edited to something equally irreconcilable with any soundtrack expectations you’d have for a Peter Ramondetta part, much in the tradition of that time Westgate went to Mars. Considering No Way Out holds “First CD I ever bought in my life” status for a sizable portion of the Quartersnacks front office, utilizing one of its better-known moments is long overdue. Anyone could hypothetically skate to this song. It doesn’t discriminate. (P.S. One last Real Since Day One clip with *unseen* footage coming soon.)

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