Forrest Edwards: The $10 Meals Re-Edit

Better nine months late than never, right?

Below is a tribute to one of the few true personalities in modern, Everyone-Is-Good 2.0 skateboarding. Forrest is such a character that he singlehandedly rendered the One in a Million formula obsolete, as evidenced by the 2012 follow-up overextending itself in trying to compensate for his absence. If you have a skate company, you should probably turn this guy AM, mail him a check, and send him on a few trips. Here’s to Forrest making it out the struggle.

The footage in the edit is sourced from the Thrasher “Unhinged” part, the Crooks 2011 clip, Slap‘s “Dirty 30” segment, and the Wild Power video. You already know where the soundbytes are from. No varials included, which as you may know, is “the gayest go-to trick.”

Have a good weekend.

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  1. that was incredible, if he made a couple trips to phili and pretended to be a local he could be pro for habitat

  2. When you said “Here’s to Forrest making it out of the struggle.” I could’ve swore that this clip was going to be edited to “Started from the Bottom”. That song desperately needs to be used in a skate video.

  3. you were right about kanye screwing up that beat, by adding the kanye-ness to it. Also, I feel like FE is the victim of skate establishment’s gestapo-like enforcement of conformity to honkey skater ethos.

  4. Forrest fucked up sort of like Danny Gonzalez did. Danny Gonzalez was on Spitfire and Real I think, but then he randomly said, “I’m the Gonz now…”. See, folks can’t go for that.

    Forrest and his skills speak for himself; but you can’t have no primadonna’s on your team.

    He can’t take it back; but humility is pretty important and skills aren’t all that if no one in the van wants to talk to you.

    Danny Gonzalez was on Jart from Spain and is gone. But seriously, you can’t be a kook, no matter how good you are.

  5. VX is like the DJ that talks a buncha shit about the purity of Vinyl, then when you see him dj his records are skipping and nobody is dancing to his shit.

  6. It’s not that VX is bad so much as it just doesn’t fit this dude’s skating. I always considered VX a ‘nook and cranny’ camera, for lines and congested environments (ie: NYC). It doesn’t go with the huck-myself-down-these-stairs skaters. But that’s my opinion, which asks for nothing but a-busey here on QS. I also just don’t…gasp…find this dude all that good or interesting. Go to LES if you want an obnoxious ghetto child who skates Cali-style.

  7. I love that you guys back this dude so hard. I mean seriously, there are so many fucking characters in the history of skating this dude would’ve been on any number of teams circ ’93-’96…shit got whitewashed. I can think of like 5 dudes off the top of my head whose shenanigans would NOT be tolerated nowadays (Cales, Ethan Fowler, prob the whole Menace team, and most of the rest of the World crew for that matter). And those dude are revered….shit has definitely changed. But at the same time, lets face it…he’s no Steve Williams or whatever, he can disappear and skating wont lose shit.

  8. To Rocktacon, your vinyl analogy has me perplexed. Rather watch Gino pushing could be analagous to a vinyl enthusiast. QS on a whole seems to not have much to offer in the way of musical enticemennts. Hip Hop vs Rap. Vocorder AutoTune TrapCrap is celebrated, but is it ironical or do you enjoy? This is what I wonder. Knicks in 4.

  9. its not “huck myself down these stairs” skaters. they do that shit in less then 10 tries. im from nyc and its amazing to see that shit go down in real life. dont hate its just a different category of skating.

  10. I hate the terrible rap these guys listen to, but I can assure you, there is NO IRONY with the rap on this website. These morons actually listen to this stuff.

  11. That is discouraging. I thought Young Scooter was from a skit from the Chappelle Show. Ashy Larry featuring Young Scooter.

    Just bought a metric ton. I fell in love with a Cuban.

    Make it stop!!!,!,!!

  12. This site has been around for almost eight years and we’re still having the “Why don’t you edit more stuff to Wu-Tang” conversation?

  13. Editing clips to Retard Rap is an attempt to avoid “being hip”. If you’ve ever been to Williamsburg, you’ll understand why. NYC just isn’t what it used to be :(

  14. editing #retardrap is all fine.
    as is riri, or was lady gaga, or is kellz, or aalyah, or any other type of 90s rnb

    being too serious about skating edited to stuff like that is obnoxious.
    everything is better than typical cali music supervision, songs gotta emphasize something.
    and when it’s trash, it’s still better than most stuff.

  15. i tend to suspect that people who falsely accuse others of editing to stuff ‘ironically’ as in this comment thread, are older people who generally don’t have any communication with younger kids. before, older dudes would just tell younger kids their music was wack. but now thanks to ‘hipster-dom’ being what it is, they have the crutch of ‘irony’ to fall back on even when it may not be the case. if you don’t like it you don’t like it. is what it is. there’s space for 2 chainz and there’s space for gang starr. this site covers both so i don’t get what the issue is.

  16. I am old. And this site brings me momentary joy in my old age. But Future is not cool. In any era.

  17. i suspcet 90% of ppl who make big generalizations shouldnt.. horrible music will always be here and therell always be someone who doesnt like it yelling about how it sucks [especially in this internet era]… but i dont think just bc you actually listen to it it makes it better or whatever i dont even know what im tryn to say

  18. CCTV is so good def go out and buy a copy, good music, good skating
    just looks cool

    vega kills it

    loved it

  19. Forrest Edwards didnt fuck up like Danny Gonzalez because Danny Gonzalez never even fucked up. He just so happen to have a falling out with (truly) one of the biggest names in skating, Jake Phelps, and he just tried to get the money he deserved when they decided to use his silhouette for Thrasher’s video game cover (which was undoubtedly better than Tony Hawks button jammer of a game). If anything Danny Gonzalez shouldnt have just been swept under the rug by the skateboard community and he deserves SO much fucking respect. But Mark Gonzales is Mark Fucking Gonzales and NOFucking body can come close to that godly talent of his. Danny Gonzalez deserves his respect as well and as for Forrest Edwards, his talent combined with the talent of Danny Gonzalez and Mark Gonzales shit on your life and the past two generations of your family not only but including the next two generations of you family. Thank GONZ (M.G.) for Quartersnacks and whoever made this damn thing, you are a genius.

  20. Can we get some in depth reporting on the shake up at Girl. Some investigating journalism for us old heads. I was always impressed with their stability, so some enlightenment is needed.

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