Forrest Edwards: The $10 Meals Re-Edit

Better nine months late than never, right?

Below is a tribute to one of the few true personalities in modern, Everyone-Is-Good 2.0 skateboarding. Forrest is such a character that he singlehandedly rendered the One in a Million formula obsolete, as evidenced by the 2012 follow-up overextending itself in trying to compensate for his absence. If you have a skate company, you should probably turn this guy AM, mail him a check, and send him on a few trips. Here’s to Forrest making it out the struggle.

The footage in the edit is sourced from the Thrasher “Unhinged” part, the Crooks 2011 clip, Slap‘s “Dirty 30” segment, and the Wild Power video. You already know where the soundbytes are from. No varials included, which as you may know, is “the gayest go-to trick.”

Have a good weekend.

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