Eli Reed Re-Edit

eli layback 5-0

Photo by Jason Jenkins. Click to enlarge.

Unable to sell Eli on the virtues of a “RIMIX” (please, nobody edit anything to “Pour It Up” before we get a chance to! Thanks!), this edit settled on a more straightforward mash-up of his footage from the past few years. The following includes some of the clips from R.B. Umali’s section in Transworld’s Cinematographer Project video, Eli’s Venture Trucks commercial from last year, his 2011 “Real Street” part, and a handful of tricks are previously unseen. Much like the Zered edit, it’s a compilation of his post-State of Mind part footage. It’s finally warming up this weekend (~65 degrees on Tuesday-Wednesday!), so go outside and enjoy it.

Alternate YouTube Link

Have a good weekend. Rest in peace, Roger Ebert. “See you at the movies.”


  1. “The ‘Rimixes’ kinda suck dick.”

    OMG y would u say something like that?

    And re: that sunglasses clip — “Ain’t Nobody’s Business” hasn’t been used so, it’s okay.

  2. Wow, you guys zipped through a great trick at hollywood high but then spent a a couple seconds on a repetitive trick at clipper. You guys are losing your touch.

  3. how old is that wallie 180 switch manual?

    I feel like I saw someone do that before…Jack Sabback I’m guessing

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