A Non-1017 Re-Edit For 10/17

Using this screengrab again because it’s sick.

This isn’t exactly a “re-edit,” since the footage originates from random clips and not an actual part, not to mention that a handful of it is new. The stuff you recognize is from the X-Games “Real Street” parts (2010, 2011) and those UXA clips promoting Zered’s guest board this past summer. The rest of it is unseen. Just think of it as a post-State of Mind part. Zered is pretty good at skateboarding, in case you forgot. Sorry Gucci, but it’s been a loonngg time since the big homie Dennis Coles has made it into a QS clip. Happy 10/17 regardless (celebrate here, here or here.) Filmed by: R.B. Umali, Joe Bouillot, Jason Jenkins, Steve Marino and Richard Quintero.

Alternate YouTube Link


  1. always love some new zered footage, ive seen the xgames and uxa shit, but didnt remember much, so this is perfect.

  2. the screengrabs are slightly different aren’t they. The new one looks like the sickest one-foot ever…the original, previously used screengrab actually looks like the ruthless kickflip that it is. Either way, it’s pure heat like this that allows me to forgive Quartersnacks for its unfortunate infatuation with shitty Southern Rap and the use of words like “swag”, “steez”, “look book”, “snapback”, “weezy”, “yeezy” and “rhianna”.

  3. I forgot how fucking good this dude is – there was like a 6 month period when i was younger where I used to watch that part he had in the Digital “Divercity” video before I went skating.

  4. im glad to see dennis coles getting love from quartersnacks again – last time was probably the clip with be easy in it. speaking of which, how does quartersnacks feel about action bronson?

  5. Zoo really blew it, how you gonna drop the one guy thats kept your brand relevant the past ten years, Westgate is insane but he’s not of the same school

    Zered is the realest

  6. Is there anyone left at Zoo that is running the place, that actually skates or knows anything about the skate community. Zered was zoo york and they wasted his contract, ridiculous!

  7. yo apparently hes on expedition one! somebody said check their facebook, i didnt check, but he should be on. fuckin sleepers

  8. i’ve been saying this for years but Zered is THE Underrated skateboarder this dude should have like 7 pro model shoes by now! He’s put in some serious work. Don’t Sleep on Dr.Z!

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