New Year’s Eve Links


Philadelphia is on the verge of having to close 37 public schools. It’s a good thing Philly’s City Council spends time on real issues like raising skateboard-related fines.

Pappalardo’s eight seconds of footage in the Pretty Sweet bonus features.

The end-of-the-year issue of The NYT Magazine has a feature on influential people who passed away in 2012. One of them profiles Larry Stevenson, who invented kicktails on modern skateboards, and is thus responsible for every big flip in Pretty Sweet and every crooked grind combo in Parental Advisory.

Speaking of Pretty Sweet, Manolo Tapes put together a funny, all lifestyle rendition of the video entitled Pretty Soft. The magic of editing…

Joe Cups put together a Super-8 / VHS New York video of this past summer that features many names from the Lurkers franchise.

This James Pitonyak part is gnarly. He destroys just about every spot in Trenton.

The first, all Mini DV installment of the Death Video series. Not to be confused with Death Skateboards; it’s just a bunch of kids ripping around the city and indulging confrontation with security more than they probably should.

An iPhone Christmas clip from the young’ns.

Brian Brown and the 2nd Nature crew ripping around Westchester and Connecticut.

ICYMI: Billy McFeely in Outdated, Jason Carroll in Outdated, Forrest Edwards in Wild Power, and Ben Kadow in Mama’s Boys.

Matt Mooney put his abundance of free time into creating a Seinfeld Tumblr.

Spot Updates: Rolls-Royce is surrounded by scaffolding.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Darren Collison’s buzzer-beating, overtime-forcing desperation three v.s. Oklahoma City. J.R’s buzzer-beater v.s. the Suns was a leading candidate, but all Knicks plays from the past week got disqualified based on how hard they blew it against the Kings on Friday.

Quote of the Week:

hsu skate videos

— Via the Skateboarder Tumblr. Not sure of its origins or how old it is. Solid analogy.

Happy New Year.

Now see, this is what the holidays are all about. Three buddies sitting around, chewing gum.


“I got a man in Poughkeepsie who wants to talk with you.”

The site has been having intermittent server issues and downtime over the past several days. Everything should be back to normal now.

Past QS Christmas Clips: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005

Frozen in Carbonite composed an interesting venn diagram for Pretty Sweet and Parental Advisory, the two marquee skate videos of the holiday season. Though “current rap, unironically” might belong in the middle, as “2Pac Back” was Pretty Sweet‘s only current rap song, and it was utilized in an appropriate way.

In the spirit of list season, Boil the Ocean has begun to count down the top ten skate parts of 2012. Joseph Delgado’s 56k part took the tenth slot.

Speaking of which, the director behind “this year’s best-made video” put together a 56k-esque Bill Pierce part for Roger Skateboards.

Rob Harris is releasing a video entitled Dece Vid on January 20th with a full part of the most recent Yaje Popson footage and cameos from a bunch of others. Teaser here.

This new Skate Jawn montage may be the first skate clip with footage at Fulton Mall.

Rob Gonyon becoming irate with entitled New York bicyclists (seriously, that “DON’T YOU GUYS KNOW THIS IS A *BIKE* LANE?!?!”-contingent of society is the worst) and doing chill street lines.

Mark Suciu and friends at Lenox Ledges and other less-interesting destinations in New York. The switch powerslide at the Bronx Courthouse after the back 180 is impressive considering how tight that landing space is. Dude’s good.

Throwback: A 12-year-old Slicky Boy taunting Santacon idiots at Tompkins in 2007.


New Chewy Canon part on Christmas?

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Gerald Henderson uses an invisible trampoline to dunk on a complacent-looking Dwight Howard. It would have been glorious if the Bobcats won this game.

Quote of the Week:


Can someone please explain this Pheed thing? And will it ever get big enough for Facebook to pay $1 billion for it? What will you guys do then?

Gino in Pretty Sweet: Slightly Extended Edition

gino iannucci kickflip 5-0 stall ad

Manolo’s Tapes re-edited a standalone cut of Gino’s few tricks in Pretty Sweet, plus two of his appearances in the DVD extras (there was also that backside noseblunt stall in the bonus teaser if you want to get super technical about it.) It’ll probably get deleted soon, so enjoy the convenience while it’s up.

On another note, some of the pre-1990er speculation in the lead-up to Pretty Sweet revolved around impending Gino-provoked #trends, a la the Roslyn Banks, backside 360, no comply, 360 shove it and to a lesser extent, fakie varial flip crazes of the post-Yeah Right! years. Based on this recent output, it is feasible that noseslide 270s, skateboarding in Jordan brand apparel, backside powerslides as low risk mid-line stance shifting maneuvers, and trips to the JFK Banks could all increase in frequency among northeastern skateboarders. And would noted anti switch mongo activist Ricky Oyola be willing to amend his Carroll-only list of acceptable switch mongo pushers to accommodate Gino?

How ’bout those Knicks? How ’bout that 39-year-old Pitbull lookalike hitting that three? (Probably should’ve been an offensive foul, but oh well Nets “fans.”) Also, there’s a new Jeezy tape out today.

Ten Years Since Yeah Right! and the Case For Increased Plausibility

Yeah Right! was released a few months shy of ten years ago. That video, the Girl/Chocolate video disguised a shoe company video plus a Cairo Foster part and Cliché section, and likely the one being premiered today in Los Angeles / Sunday in New York, have come to represent benchmarks in “just how far we’ve come” technologically. Yeah Right! = Motorola Razr, Fully Flared = the first iPhone, Pretty Sweet = an iPhone 7 or something?

Despite the fact that Yeah Right! was the most advanced video of its time, it had a running gag in which green screen ramps would be set up to “unskateable” obstacles, skated, and later removed in post-production as a self-referential nod to the video’s title. “Skateboarding is pretty crazy right now, this dude 360 flip noseblunted a handrail, but like, yeah right bro! It’s not *that* crazy!” Well, the predictive spirit of Jules Verne must have taken up an interest in skating and channeled itself through Spike Jonze and Ty Evans, because since then, many of the tricks that were only possible with lime green ramps and After Effects began happening without them. Below is a list of Yeah Right! green ramp tricks and their counterparts in reality.

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An Interview With Gino Iannucci

We had a chance to speak with Gino about filming for the new Girl/Chocolate video, music in video parts, 360 shove-its, tennis and some other things.


As an older dude who’s still a pro skater on the east coast, what is an average day for you?

When I’m in Long Island, I wake up at five or six every day. I usually play tennis in the morning with a friend of mine from 7:30 to 9:30. I’ll hang out for a bit after that, but it’s mostly a lot of skateparks in Queens, Manhattan or out on the Island. If I have a clip in mind that I’d like to film, I’ll try to link up with R.B. [Umali]. For the most part, it’s a lot of parks, and trying to keep the legs warm. It’s kinda boring, you know? I’m in early, I go to sleep early, I’m up early.

Do you have any kind of crazy stretching regiment or does the tennis take care of that?

Every time I skate, I have to stretch nowadays. I do go to the gym pretty often because I had a knee injury about a year-and-a-half ago. I just go to ride the bike, do some weights for the legs to put some strength in them. As you get older, they get a bit weaker. That’s another part of the day, usually after tennis.

How does it work when you want to go film something?

I could be aimless for days, but then I’ll come up on a spot or get motivated to do something. I usually hit up R.B. the night before and we wing it from there. When I feel it, I feel it, and try to take advantage of it.

You’re mainly focusing on the Girl and Chocolate video that’s coming out, right?

When it comes to filming, yeah. I’ll do little things here and there. I did a clip for DQM and another one for Nike. But when I come up with tricks that are film-worthy for myself, they’re going to Chocolate for the next video.

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