Gino in Pretty Sweet: Slightly Extended Edition

gino iannucci kickflip 5-0 stall ad

Manolo’s Tapes re-edited a standalone cut of Gino’s few tricks in Pretty Sweet, plus two of his appearances in the DVD extras (there was also that backside noseblunt stall in the bonus teaser if you want to get super technical about it.) It’ll probably get deleted soon, so enjoy the convenience while it’s up.

On another note, some of the pre-1990er speculation in the lead-up to Pretty Sweet revolved around impending Gino-provoked #trends, a la the Roslyn Banks, backside 360, no comply, 360 shove it and to a lesser extent, fakie varial flip crazes of the post-Yeah Right! years. Based on this recent output, it is feasible that noseslide 270s, skateboarding in Jordan brand apparel, backside powerslides as low risk mid-line stance shifting maneuvers, and trips to the JFK Banks could all increase in frequency among northeastern skateboarders. And would noted anti switch mongo activist Ricky Oyola be willing to amend his Carroll-only list of acceptable switch mongo pushers to accommodate Gino?

How ’bout those Knicks? How ’bout that 39-year-old Pitbull lookalike hitting that three? (Probably should’ve been an offensive foul, but oh well Nets “fans.”) Also, there’s a new Jeezy tape out today.


  1. I would give wavy dada the award for bringing back the bucket hat…But lets not forget about ronnie creagers bucket hats that made us all stop wearing them before. Ronnie creager #notatrendsetter

  2. wavy dada didnt bring back shit. two years ago he wasnt as “cool” as he is now. #nonstoptrendhopper #noonecares #sweetwastebroughtbackthebucket #gtfo

  3. wavy dada was killing ten years ago at flushing and all over L.I #knowyournycskatehistory san diego smoldick

  4. the size and quality of that vimeo reveals that nike is too wack to actually show real footage of gino skating down the street.

  5. Was that duct tape on Stevie Williams pants? Yous could do a top 20 off the video alone.Parental Advisory was tight, but it was no Pretty Sweet. ***Disclaimer, I am over the age of 30. That being said, any skater that doesnt wear skinny jeans is cool with me.

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