Philadelphia C. 1996

Rob Pluhowski never occupied the “He changed my life and/or wardrobe” status that Anthony Pappalardo and Brian Wenning enjoy after years of elusiveness (which is of course, camouflaged by devout fans spending unhealthy amounts of time promising a comeback on various message boards.) However, he was still a crucial, style-centric chunk to the whole period that has come to be defined as “the Photosynthesis era.”

Several days ago, he uploaded the closest thing we have to a Revisited volume for the city of Philadelphia and the many individuals who gyrated around it as it rose to become a huge skate city in the mid-to-late nineties. The clip includes a handful of Sixth Sense makes and outtakes, and footage from several crucial years that preceded all things related to Alien Workshop and Habitat becoming massive parts your life if you happened to start skating in Philly, Jersey or New York between 1998 and 2002. Pluhowski doesn’t spend much time skating these days, as he is a family man (some of this is touched upon in Pappalardo’s “Epicly Later’d” series), but a big thank you goes to him for going out of his way to bring something like this to the surface.

You’re a minor celebrity, if you come on the tour, it might create a minor stir

Either the History Channel’s market research indicates that no Young Jeezy fans watch Gangland, or they have a really strict, no exceptions eye-censoring policy.

Lunchtime links.

This year’s Halloween Hellraiser is on Saturday, October 30th, from 11 AM to 4 PM at the school rooftop on 350 Grand Street (corner of Grand & Essex.) $3,000 best trick contest, $100 for the best costume. Click here for the flyer. You can watch the promo video for the course over on the Acapulco Gold site. That “Monster” song is probably going to be second to only “Thriller” for most appearances on Halloween playlists/sets this year. Kanye is still corny, but he’s profoundly good at marketing things. He also knows people are into hearing impressions of Foxy Brown doing a Jamaican impression.

Goin’ Ham is a video from the squad that brought you Film Me earlier this year. Features new, full parts from Ray Macken, Nate Rojas, and Stephan Martinez. You can watch the video-art-inclined teaser here. Premiering online on Monday, November 1st. Two Stephan parts in one year definitely isn’t a bad thing.

Found this circa-2007 piece of QS memorabilia of Marquez skating over some drunk girl in the back of the old Union Square. R.I.P. to the old back of Union Square, by the way. You’re sorely missed.

This dude wears clear contacts, sags his pants, slaps hoes, has a pretty solid kickflip, and can actually hardflip. He’s no Eddie Rap life, but might be one out of three rappers who can kickflip.

Spotted this quick daily log clip over at NY Skateboarding. Nothing too intense in the realm of skating, but a fun dailies clip set to some Charles Mingus that quietly reminds us of the sort of days spent skating that are bound to become all the more infrequent as the temperature starts to decline.

Habitat’s Origin video is now available on iTunes for $9.99 (the link will open in iTunes, not your browser.) It has a Fred Gall part. Any video with a Fred Gall part is worth your ten bucks. QS review here.

Saving the best for last: KYLE ILES: THE LOST HIP-HOP TAPES. An internet event like no other. Even after his magnificent Rich Mahogany part, which potentially left him depleted of physical energy, and currently hiding out at the McCarren skatepark, this earlier version of his skateboard feats, complete with Earl Simmons on the vocals, may be his finest work to date. It’s a shame that it has remained away from society, in a safe deposit box on Park Avenue for all these years.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who showed love with blog links or on Twitter this past week: Platinum Seagulls, IMNOTATOY, 40 Oz. Van, 48 Blocks, and NY Skateboarding.

Quote of the Week: Inquisitive Gentleman: “Can you play rap if you DJ in France?
DJ Roctakon: “No, the only rap song you can play is ‘Empire State of Mind.’

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Habitat’s Origin Video: The Main Thing To Note

It’s the weekend, and nobody really goes on this site on Saturdays, which is probably a good thing since everyone’s hopefully out skating, so we’ll keep this short.

Kind of like that other video part that shook the whole world’s perception of shit earlier this fall, Austyn Gillette’s five minute opener should elevate him to an unquestionable status as one of the finest athletes in skateboarding today, and is a completely different beast from any of his previous output up until this point. Not that he ever had to battle it out with prominent misanthropic message board personalities in order to build his personal brand beyond things like an Opening Ceremony inspired piece of skate footwear, or taking photos with Lemony Snickets like the other guy, but he was just a Habitat dude. It’s kind of hard to stand out when you’re nestled into the mild overlap of styles that exists in the whole white guy in slim-ish corduroys with tech ledge tricks sub-genre of skateboarding that Habitat is the poster child for. But it really is one of those rare parts these days that you want to re-watch as soon as it ends, before even getting to the rest of the video. Between the inverted 180 5050 bench lines that will most certainly inspire a moderate-to-long lasting trend in the northeast (someone is probably trying it on CIA Ledge as you read this), to the most monstrous backside noseblunt pop-outs in existence, and a completely non-sensical five-foot-high backside smith grind, it is bound to be on repeat once the cold sets in and couches become vicarious viewing grounds for sessions cut short by wind gusts.

Otherwise, the other important consideration that hopefully doesn’t spoil anything is a reminder to everyone to not call this thing on Rector Street a bump. It’s not a bump. It’s a concrete booger on the floor with three metal poles sticking out of it. Bumps are supposed to assist you. Concrete boogers don’t do that. Like the G Man said, “I’d rather skate the Courthouse Drop a hundred times than skate that thing on Rector, it terrifies me.”

Fred Gall has a full part. Origin available on DVD and on iTunes on Monday, October 18. Don’t wait for your friend to get it because that Austyn Gillette part should be watched as soon as humanly possible.

Have a good weekend.

YEAH IT WAS A TRAGEDY…Can you repeat the question?

Monday links and other, exciting things.

The latest Habitat video, Origin will be premiering at KCDC Skateshop this Friday (the 15th) at 7 P.M. It says seven to nine on the flyer, so hopefully that means there are two showings, and not that the video is two hours long.

The Derick Z. little kid footage reel. Double angles at the Beer Bar drop to can (which is kind of skatestopped now, by the way… A whole generation of younger kids will never share our experience of the spot’s glory days), lines at the little ledges in Battery Park, and the manual pad in the back of Union Square — skateboarding seemed a lot more fun six or seven years ago.

Whatitbe has a quick Q & A with Jahmal Williams about Hopps, Eastern Exposure, and John Coltrane’s tie-in with street skateboarding. On that note, no excuse needed to link this part.

This is super late, in that it has been in effect since the summer, but we’re only getting to it now: You can’t really skate the manual pad at Penn Plaza for the time being, because the adjacent restaurant to the plaza decided to show off the neighboring crackheads to its patrons by installing an outdoor seating area that takes up the entire landing space of the marble block.

Trailer for the Second Nature video, Eclectic. Features Alex Mosley olling out of a truck over a bunch of watermelons, which is already the highlight of the week.

“Be Pretty” montage. If there’s dirt on the lens, we support it. Spotted via The Skate Rack

And no random links post is complete without something pertaining to the wonderful world of loud rap music, so it seems like a good time to include this list of the fifty greatest Queensbridge rap songs. #4 should technically be #1, seeing as how it is more or less the best rap song altogether, but the actual #1’s positioning is understandable from a historical standpoint. We’re going to go ahead an embed the video for no apparent reason. They walk up Indoor Ten at around 1:40. Probably the best trick ever done there.

If one day, a Flipmode clip gets edited to this song, the internet will explode. Even more than it did when they dropped a clip to “Purple Rain,” or the wide release of Kevin’s “Scatman” video part. The biggest problem with the internet is that there isn’t enough Flipmode on it.

Two hours ago, they found a few blocks of C4 in Marble Cemetery on Second and Second.

Jersey City: America’s Breakdancing in the Middle of Church Capital

Quote of the Week:We ate at this Thai place with an entree that included unlimited free beer…I don’t think I ate anything.” – Tufty

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Coffee Links

Call 9-1-1, it’s an emergency!

Apparently, there’s a program where you fly to Iraq, and in between combat, intelligence operations, and training, you build ramps with Saddam’s palace in the background. Billy Rohan went to Iraq and posted up some photos. It seems like the military is really open to these things, because it is not the first time it has happened.

Given how easy it is to merely assume skateboarders are all idiots, it is always good to read something like this that can remind us that some of our colleagues are actually capable of something beyond hating on video parts, drinking beer, and occasionally going a good kickflip back tail, in addition to showing the world that there’s more to it than ruining some ledges nobody else cared about to begin with.

The City of Philadelphia (as in, the government and public officials, not the people in Philadelphia) never ceases to be the worst, most youth-hating place on the East coast. How the hell do you skatestop a spot on top of blowing tons of money on “skate proofing” it via renovation six years ago? Not that it is really going to stop anybody, but Love Park has actually been skatestopped (seriously.) Spotted via Skate Nerd.

Habitat posted some ads for their upcoming Origin video on their Facebook page.

Some photos of Westchester’s Jose Pereya (of Dos Sandias infamy) on the Skateboarder Magazine website.

Number two on the Quartersnacks shortlist of insanely underrated video parts. So ridiculously ahead of its time. I had some shitty VHS dub of all the Plan B videos I got off eBay for $20 back in like 2000, before I knew anything and only watched the videos for Duffy and Rodney Mullen, but even then, knowing what year the last trick was in, it never made sense. It kind of helps that it’s set to one of the best hip hop songs to ever be in a skate part as well. The best nollie halfcab flip ever probably makes up for the switch willy grind he does afterwards.

New Jersey is still the realest state in the country, anybody saying otherwise, can save it. It is probably the only place you can get the quickest, bite-sized (in terms of state size) microcosmic tour of America. Red necks, yuppies, hoods, white trash, the mafia, Jay-Z, industrial waste, fields in Secaucus full of dead bodies, corrupt politicians, other rich people, regular white people, Cubans, Asians, Mexicans, Fred Gall, etc. — no other state packs in America within tight, polluted, and hard-to-navigate packaging like Jersey.

Before Kobe begins discussing how many more rings he has than Shaq, maybe he should consider talking about how many rings he has because of Shaq.

QS-favorite, Lil’ Boosie indicted for first-degree murder. Crazy one.

Quote of the Week:I would’ve gotten away [from the police] if it wasn’t for my fucking Destructo trucks.” – Anonymous Degenerate

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