Philadelphia C. 1996

Rob Pluhowski never occupied the “He changed my life and/or wardrobe” status that Anthony Pappalardo and Brian Wenning enjoy after years of elusiveness (which is of course, camouflaged by devout fans spending unhealthy amounts of time promising a comeback on various message boards.) However, he was still a crucial, style-centric chunk to the whole period that has come to be defined as “the Photosynthesis era.”

Several days ago, he uploaded the closest thing we have to a Revisited volume for the city of Philadelphia and the many individuals who gyrated around it as it rose to become a huge skate city in the mid-to-late nineties. The clip includes a handful of Sixth Sense makes and outtakes, and footage from several crucial years that preceded all things related to Alien Workshop and Habitat becoming massive parts your life if you happened to start skating in Philly, Jersey or New York between 1998 and 2002. Pluhowski doesn’t spend much time skating these days, as he is a family man (some of this is touched upon in Pappalardo’s “Epicly Later’d” series), but a big thank you goes to him for going out of his way to bring something like this to the surface.


  1. really awesome, thanks to rob pluhowski for putting this up and being a rad skater during a rad era

  2. I’m fine with losing insofar as Miami wins. Not trying to see Boston in the playoffs, you guys can deal with that.

  3. I’d rather Boston anyway. We’ve managed to beat them once in Boston. two of the other three loses we lot by a basket. However last night’s loss was rough and post season .oston is a whole other team.

  4. just discovered this blog, and I’ll definitely be adding it to my short list of quality Skate blogs packed with East Coast 90’s goodness.

    I watched this video with The Roots “How I Got Over” playing over top. Obviously it fit the video quite nicely.

  5. @ EJ

    haha, ok my bad.

    correction: ” just discovered this THOROUGH-ASS MUFUCKIN SKATE WEBSITE, and I’ll definitely be adding it to my short list of quality Skate SITES that rep the East Coast 90′s HARD AS HELL – ALL DAY EVERDAY BABAAAAAAY”

    we good? ;)


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