Skate Spot Porn: Tempelhof Skate Plaza in Berlin


In a spring Monday Links post, we commended Berlin on recycling old materials in the creation of a sanctioned space for skateboarding, mostly at the expense of Philadelphia’s consistent idiocy. On the last day of a recent trip where skateboarding was hardly a priority (it was also 100+ degrees for most days), we had a chance to check out the Tempelhof Skate Plaza. With the opening of Paine’s Park, which incorporates the original City Hall benches, Philly took a step in the right direction after years of stubbornness, but the approach to each space is miles apart.

If you ask about spots in Berlin, a common notion is that “you have to know where everything is,” in the sense that you can’t skate around and find everything like you could in a city that has a “downtown.” This spot exemplifies that to an absurd degree. Though it is still technically within city limits, it sits on a defunct airfield-turned-public park that’s far removed enough to have once accommodated a commercial airport. Once you get off the train, and pass a hilarious excuse for a skatepark that some small American city would surely dream to pass off as sufficient after outlawing skateboarding, you enter a field with an asphalt track circling around it.


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Daylight Savings Links


Red Bottoms x Skateboarding: Vol. 2. You can tell Miley skates because her wheels are mad crusty yo.

A new teaser for Solo Jazz, the upcoming project from Bronze.

America could learn a lot from the Germans. They took hunks of granite from an old government building and used them to produce an amazing skate spot on an obsolete airfield. Imagine if all that City Hall granite actually went towards making a skate plaza for the city of Philadelphia? How many city plazas get torn out and reduced to scrap each year in the U.S? The “solution” is so simple, but gets turned into such a stupid mess because of zoning / permits / $$$ / insurance / red tape.

The Dimestore dudes made a parody of New York clips and it is incredible.

Manolo and Cliché teamed up for a J.B. Gillet “best of” edit. Dude has always been up there with Kalis in the “best flip tricks” category.

Shade is a 25-minute video by Jeremy Jordan (Todd Jordan’s brother), based out of New York [State]. Grown dudes don’t have to be pro to still rip.

This ongoing advocacy for the front of Union Square returning to its glory days is one of 2013’s most interesting developments.

“Now, the padless deep-pool and vert work of Ben Hatchell, Grant Taylor, Elijah Berle and Jaws may for the coming generation obviate pads and helmets altogether, because, when everybody’s good enough to do every trick, there is no point in falling and getting hurt.” Boil the Ocean dwells on the future of skateboard retail.

The NY Skateboarding crew re-designed their website.

Did @badgalriri teleport from the future to this party by any chance?

New bro cam clip from the PWBC fam.

Speaking of which, Palace eBay / bootleg watch: Might want to use spellcheck.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Is Brandon Knight okay?

Quote of the Week: “Pick up your pants, you criminal!” — A Parks Department security guard regarding the G Man’s sagging, oversized pants as he fled a prohibited skate spot.

2 Bros. has a breakfast menu now.