Blast Off

…aannddd we’re back.

The world isn’t off to the best start in 2020, so you’d be well advised to watch this uplifting video about two Afghan girls who moved to Berlin from a refugee camp, and completely fell in love with skateboarding there. Lovingly put together by our friends at Place.

When’s FedEx dropping their video?

“Back then it was all a blur.” Yo these Bobshirt interviews are all so special. The latest installment is with Rodney Torres and is loaded with nineties New York nostalgia and stories, e.g it pretty much mentions three decades worth of skate shops in the city, and harks back to a time when New York coverage was limited to a montage here and there every couple years in a bigger video. (Also #lol on this YouTube comment.)

The youth has good tre flips. “Practice” is a very rad homie video by Cesar Fuentes featuring a bunch of up and coming skaters from The Bronx.

YouWillSoon (!!!) chopped up a remix of all Andrew Reynolds’ 2019 Instagram footage.

Love an adult conversation about adult topics with a still very active skateboarder ♥ Grey spoke to Isle’s Chris Jones about Brexit, mental hygiene, life after skateboarding, and being present — which we should all probably get better at.

Our family at Miami’s Andrew Skate Shop has a new montage out, and it’s probably their best one yet.

It has been a big week if you’re one of those “I’d rather watch Gino do stuff“-people. Or if you like arguing with people on a group chat about whether someone touched on a manual trick or not ;)

Kyota put together a funny “Best of” compilation of Fideicide’s 2019 to usher in a more accepting landscape for backside 5-0 backside 180 outs in the 2020s.

Boil the Ocean offers some suggestions to its own question: “After Tyshawn Jones and Tom Snape, who will pen the switch inward heelflip’s next chapter in 2020?”

The Bunt is back! Their first episode of the season is with Sour riders Oscar Candon and and Albert Nyberg.

There’s a Thugger edition of that Top 100 Future songs list that we linked last week, except in runs 125. Given his output, it’s impossible to even begin mentioning personal picks for omissions — ok fine, “I Do This” with Nipsey + Mozzy is a Top 5 Thug appearance and he rhymes maybe once on it …the whole song is just a color wheel of human emotion.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Lou Williams’ nod of approval is out of a movie trailer.

Quote of the Week: “If you have good friends, you don’t need a good ankle to keep partying.” — Pryce Holmes


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