#QSTOP10 — March 22, 2024

Some avart garde manuals, hairy kickflips, and a hall-of-fame trick at the Seagram Building. Was thinking of doing a New York switch back noseblunt round-up: beyond Jahmir at Pyramid, Jake at Battery Park, the TJ Rogers on Park Avenue, are any missing?

Original Clips:


Intro via @chrisdenas on IG [link]
10) Gustav Tonnessen via IG [link]
9) Lucas Amador via Blast Skates “PMA” part [link]
8) Jordan Rommel via A Happy Medium’s COLORS video [link]
7) Johnrob Moore via A Happy Medium’s COLORS video [link]
6) Tokiya Imamura via “Chuulip” part [link]
5) Rayssa Leal via Nike SB “Rayssa’s Dunk” part [link]
4) Leo Favaro via “Mal Nenhum” part [link]
3) Elijah Berle via Fucking Awesome “Berle World Entertainment” part [link]
2) Gabriel Ribeiro via “Fodas – Santa Cruz in Lisbon” video [link]
1) TJ Rogers via “Welcome to SK8MAFIA” part [link]


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