#QSTOP10 — September 11, 2020

A lively week, but Michael Nicholas’ Untitled was the thing that felt a few pinches more *special* than just a piece of #content. Free summed it up pretty well — even the fact that there’s *a website* to commemorate the release of a video rather than a flurry of #linkinbio posts makes it feel like an anomaly in 2020. Every now and then, there’s a video that you just know is the nascency of something great, and this is one of them.

These kids, this videographer, this crew — they made something that breaks through the daily video avalanche and makes you feel something. We need that now, more than ever :)

Have a good weekend.

Original Clips:


Intro via @ryanmiranda on IG [link] 10) Cyrus Bennett via IG [link] 9) Pacel Khachab via “Pocket” part [link] 8) Victor Campillo via Cinquième Terrasse’s “SINK” video [link] 7) Zered Bassett via IG [link] 6) Seven Strong via Michael Nicholas’ “Untitled” video [link] 5) Patrick O’Mara via via Michael Nicholas’ “Untitled” video [link] 4) Tom Knox via “Atlantic Drift — Catfish Clip #2: Majorca” [link] 3) Nik Stain via “Atlantic Drift — Catfish Clip #2: Majorca” [link] 2) Ben Raybourn via IG [link] 1) Jahmir Brown via “DC” part [link]


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  1. Yo I watched this thinking “shout out the filmer ollie-ing the set” and lo and behold QS on the money w the cover art

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