#QSTOP10 — March 15, 2024

A line-heavy week with an ensemble of first-ballot hall of famers to start. Have been informed that some people are against when its an set of tricks for the #1 slot rather than one, standalone *trick* — but every now and then, you gotta honor an ensemble performance 🏆 This one certainly deserves it :)

Original Clips:


Intro via @droopsdisasters on IG [link]
10) Brian Anderson via Anti-Hero’s “Turbo Island” video [link]
9) Frank Gerwer via Anti-Hero’s “Turbo Island” video [link]
8) Danny Brady via Vans “SAFE” part [link]
7) Kutsi Kauppinen via My Favorite Things’ “FAV” video [link]
6) Josh Velez via Grand Collection part [link]
5) Connor Champion via Grand Collection part [link]
4) Gustav Tonnessen via Sour’s “Toxic Positivity” video [link]
3) Rowan Davis via John Marello’s “Reckon That’s Fine” video [link]
2) Tommi Björk via My Favorite Things’ “FAV” video [link]
1) Tom Snape via Austin Bristow’s Portiions video [link]


Previously: March 8, 2024


  1. If Tom Snape were born 10 years earlier he’d be talked about like the first tier Crail ledgends or Rob Welsh

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