Champions Need Their Belts — Connor Champion’s Grand Collection Part

In a bearhug embrace of The Halberg Principle™ re: turning your homies pro, Grand Collection bestowed Connor Champion with a special edition pro board yesterday, to honor a man much deserving of a pro board, yet not the slightest bit concerned with the industry of obtaining one. Dat da thing, indeed.

Can’t think of a skater’s name more destined to be emblazoned across the bottom of a Carolina-blue skateboard than “Connor Champion.” It’s like the skate version of when the name Dirk Digler lights up in neon in Boogie Nights.

To keep the party going, Grand also released a new Connor part where he unlocks the Yuri Facchini grind and switch backside noseblunts — half filmed on a winter getaway to Barcelona, half done in New York. Filmed by J.P. Blair, Chris Cardenas, Dennis Ludwig and John Martin. Edited by J.P. Blair. Includes guest tricks from Josh Velez, Buggy and Mr. Wade D.

Board is available now.

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