First Shred of Spring

📷 Photo by Matt T.

“This video encapsulates that sense of solace and escape.” Constantine Baranovskyi and his crew dropped “GOING THROUGH,” a Kyiv scene video filmed over the past year. Wow 🇺🇦

Sorry I’m Not From Here is a video by Shaquille Waite filmed during his first year of living in New York. Feel good vibes the whole way through + there’s a kickflip crook towards the end that is so wild and comes out of absolutely nowhere 😮

That Shit Held Me Down is a full-length New York scene video by Daniel Star, which includes tons of familiar faces (that Alan Bell clip at CBS is wild) + a part from Mecca Mshaka-Morris!

Learned from the latest “This Old Ledge” that both the Brooklyn Banks and Pyramid Ledges have the same designer. What a world! The Pyramid Ledges episode is great. Forgot about some of those quick set-up lines that people have done.

“As playgrounds popped up and became widely available, and architectural shifts in NYC occurred, children became less interested in hunting down a slanted cellar door because they had better, easier play options.” Not all children! Village Psychic and Jeff Haber have a deep-dive into the history of the cellar door in New York.

QS favorite Eddie Vargas made a commercial for Royal Trucks and QS favorite Max Palmer made a commercial for Pepper Grip.

The Internet Archive has decades of high-res skate catalogs scanned.

Been waiting for a full Jonas Skrøder part since Hjalte made this iPhone edit of him back in 2016 — it has gotta rank in the highest tier of iPhone edits from any era (yes, the song has a lot to do with it.) And here it is! in 2024! The Jonas Skrøder part! By Mads Lilkær. A lot of cement park footy, but some fire street clips at the end.

Hardies went to Grand Cayman and Alex Greenberg made an edit + Supreme went to Shanghai and Bill Strobeck made an edit. Both edits have some fire Tyshawn footy.

Coda shared some loosies and raw files from Jake Keenan’s EP part.

Not the deacon of the church screaming about private property! Blaine Williams has a quick New York homie edit called “Sling Shot” out right now.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — The way Wemby’s feet don’t even leave the floor on the block. Human cheat code.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “I can’t believe I’m on the same team as the best skater in the world.” — Hjalte Halberg

This works too ;)

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  1. Oh my gosh that internet archive is such a fun throwback. I sure do miss getting the ccs catalogs in the early 2000s

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