#QSTOP10 — February 17, 2023

Euro-heavy week this time around. And for whatever reason, this collection of clips had an undeniable roster of the greatest #musicsupervision possible: Diana Ross, Freda Payne, Patrice Rushen (!!! we love Patrice Rushen a lot, fwiw), and obviously Sade. So you can leave all your “had to mute” comments at home :) Have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via @truck.chambers on IG [link]
10) Chico Brenes via IG [link]
9) Myles Strampello via Former’s “Composed ’til Now” video [link]
8) Moshe Beskow via Makke Bengtsson’s “D46” video [link]
7) Valentin Verd via Miguel Costabel’s Z1 video [link]
6) Victor Campillo via Miguel Costabel’s Z1 video [link]
5) Kevin Augustine via Stop Fakin’s “Marble Mile” video [link]
4) Thierry Gormit via Gronze’s “Oulala” video [link]
3) Gifted Hater via “Gifted Hater Street Part” [link]
2) Simon Karlsson via Makke Bengtsson’s “D46” video [link]
1) Ryan Connors via “Dish Pit” part [link]


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