Pulaski & Beyond — ‘Marble Mile’ From The Stop Fakin’ Franchise

One post-“retirement” project is a bonus. A second post-“retirement” project is …well, you’re just out of retirement.

Over the weekend, Smalls and the Stop Fakin’ crew dropped “Marble Mile,” their first video since the 2021 “Who Leg” (the aforementioned bonus project.) With over a decade of videos under their belts, it’s been incredible to watch the crew power through the years, refine the formula, and add new friends (including people’s kids who now skate!), but still keep the torch burning for progression at Pulaski Plaza as hard as it did in their first video. Kevin Augustine manages to come through at the end and still clock maybe his best part to date: two trick flip-in-no-push lines on the white ledge that extends out past the steps, nollie heel nose the planter, and the only non-Pulaski trick in the part is saved for the ender, as a treat.

Also, all the old Stop Fakin’ videos seemed to have gotten removed from Vimeo, so Smalls re-uploaded the entire series on YouTube. (Johnny Wilson was saying how it’s harder to run longer videos on Vimeo these days if you don’t keep paying for it or something along those lines on the Say You Swear podcast a few weeks back 🤷‍♀️)

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