#QSTOP10 — January 20, 2023

Some more spinny manuals, some 700k clips, and a wallride maneuver seldom seen without a hand of the wall. Have a good one 💞

Original Clips:


Intro via @walkerryan on IG [link]
10) ESP Donnie via IG [link]
9) Logan Kirshak via Dalton Palacio’s 700K video [link]
8) Brett Weinstein via Studio’s “Jump Shot” video [link]
7) Efron Danzig via Violet’s “THE BUTTERFLY” video [link]
6) Donovan Piscopo via Nike SB & Pawn Shop Skate Co’s “Old Soul” video [link
5) Jordan Queijo via Studio’s “Jump Shot” video [link]
4) Josh McLaughlin via “(fr◌g..)” part [link]
3) Tiago Lemos via “Souljah” part [link]
2) Rob Mattox via Dalton Palacio’s 700K video [link]
1) Nico Marti via Late Nite Stars’ STILL video [link]


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