#QSTOP10 — January 13, 2023

A “Free had the best shit” week 🔴 + an easy-to-guess top slot.

First favorite video of 2023 is “Fashion Mondaine” from the Marseilles boys. It’s one thing when a video makes you want to skate, but a video that makes you want to skate and party?! The video is just so contagiously fun the whole way through. From the ravey songs, to the randomass Charlie XCX remix to the Duwap song in the credits — they crushed it on the music, vibes, skating, everything. Obvs Victor Campillo has been a de facto ambassador for that scene, and he’s behind the editing suite on this one with only a handful of clips, leaving the whole crew to shine throughout. Can’t wait to make it out there one day.

Original Clips:


Intro via @commander.brady on IG [link]
10) Levon Conkin via “A St.Losers Short” part [link]
9) Aleksi Suovaara via “Aatsi” part [link]
8) Carlos Ribeiro via Primitive’s “REC Ep.1” [link]
7) Brian Peacock via Primitive’s “REC Ep.1” [link]
6) Dylan Clark via Ian Ostrowski’s “G Files – 002” video [link]
5) Victor Campillo via “Fashion Mondaine” [link]
4) Valentin Verd via “Fashion Mondaine” [link]
3) Johnny Cumaoglu via Steve Mastorelli’s Don’t Ask Me When video [link]
2) Doogie via Steve Mastorelli’s Don’t Ask Me When video [link]
1) Walker Ryan via “Textures” part [link]


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