Message From Home

📷 Photo by Zach Baker

Though a bit lagging on concrete specifics, The New York Times had a feature last week about the pending restoration of the Brooklyn Banks, which apparently has the mayor’s support? (2023 is actually what they said when they pulled all the bricks out three years ago.)

Cutty spots and familiar faces in Nick Kassebaum’s Sinkhole video, which is almost entirely filmed in New York.

Does this spot have an agreed upon name yet, or is everyone going to do the whole civil war over naming rights? Neema Joorabchi posted up a two-minute edit from the new, blue and yellow recycled plastic ledges on Essex Street.

“I’m in the midst of a battle right now, I’ve gone back down to riding a 7.75” board.” The Slam City Skates blog interviewed Danny Brady for their “First & Last” series.

Giorgio Villone does a tour of the crustiest banks between New York and Philadelphia in his “Devil’s Pocket” part that went live on Free last week. But what if it went live on …Pocket 🥁

Christian Kerr dropped another montage on his YouTube, featuring some faces of New York’s skate media ripping around Brooklyn and Queens.

Paris Report 🇫🇷 —Kitty B” from the always entertaining Cinquieme Terasse crew.

The Bunt dropped a promo for their video. Coming one day.

In the depths of COVID’s first year, Jon Colyer dropped Sanitizer, a Portland video that stood out as one of the highlights in a hyper-speed cycle of local skate videos. (We even interviewed him about it in spring 2021.) Well, last week he released, “Task,” a sequel to the original that covers more of the greater Pacific Northwest.

“There’s something empowering about being 34-years-old and being able to jump comfortably down a nine stair for three hours.” Thrasher interviewed Walker Ryan about his last part.

Our friend Tom from Poetic Collective talked about his art direction process for the brand’s boards.

“Were these overdoses not stigmatized, you can imagine family members talking to their friends about what happened, and other people who are on the same precipice might benefit.” The San Francisco Standard wrote a piece about Jake Phelps, and how opiate deaths are pervading throughout the skateboard community and beyond.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Ziaire Williams one-ups the Steph shot from last week’s edition. Also in a loss. If you’re a Knicks fan running around touting that Thursday win over the Celtics as anything more than it is …you must be new here.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Guy Skating On A Saturday: “You skating today?”
E.J: “Nah. I’m a weekday skater. Enjoy.”


  1. Blockbuster is too Gen X lol

    Thought they were colored that because of the Ukrainian Flag but maybe I puff too much.

  2. Bro COVID is such a timefuck. They took the BK Banks bricks out 3 years ago??? Feels like last spring.

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