Jordan Year

Happy New Year 🍾

Tyshawn Jones was on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning last week. He says he’s retiring the can tricks.

Kei Tsuruta put out an extended end-of-the-year iPhone edit of all the Homies Network crew with reportage from Tompkins and beyond.

Monster Children has an interview with Naquan Rollings out.

Neema Joorabchi already released another video โ€” not even a month removed from the release of “limp” in December. “Okay Then” dropped on the Transworld site just before the year timed out. Looks like the knob-job on the Crosby and Grand diamond-plate thing has already been conquered. Also, holy frontside flip at the Lily Pads.

$tanding on Business” is a quick but heavy new edit by Denzel Moffett with a crazy back-to-back-to-back to start and some wild Pyramid Ledge maneuvers at the end.

Boil the Ocean wrapped its top ten favorite parts of the 2022 list without the big four S.O.T.Y. contenders.

Always fun taking a peek into less-covered skate scenes: The latest from the SID crew out of the Czech Republic + Slovakia is a pleasure, as always.

The Skate Mob crew put out an end of the year edit spanning D.C. to New York. Spotted via Skate Jawn.

As many of you already know, MetroCards and MetroCard machines will begin getting phased out in 2023. Curbed has a retrospective on the MetroCard as blank canvas for ads, art, etc. 🥲

“Ultimately, public funds are used to exclude skateboarding through urban design interventions when skate-friendly design interventions could accommodate the activity and its attendant social and public health benefits.” Preach, baby!

🐐🚨 25 minutes of Louie Lopez loosies + 35 minutes of Ishod loosies.

R.I.P. the Saint Mark’s Dallas BBQ. Maybe you only been inside that place once, but you or someone you were with definitely blew it at some point by the time the check came.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 โ€” Gotta be Aaron Gordon’s Dunk of the Year candidate, right?

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Can’t spell players without layers.” โ€” Jersey Dave re: dressing for the winter

Gonna drop an embed for Boil the Ocean’s favorite part of 2022 on here. Few people have been consistently writing about skateboarding on the internet as long as BTO, so any rec from out that way means a lot. Vince is also definitely one of the most prolific frontside nosesliders working today.

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