Ok, We’re Leaving” is a sick Chicago scene edit by Harald Reynolds that casts a wide net beyond the expected batch of Chase footage, and has a lot of sick clips from Vince Guzaldo, winner of top honors in Boil the Ocean’s “Best of 2022” accolades. Those cut-out ledge tricks at the end are wild.

“I will never take the $17 Panda Bus again.” Heckride interviewed Salomon Cardenas.

Ayoub Tabri dropped a sick new D.C. edit for Skate Jawn featuring Rahzel, Kevin Augustine, and other Pulaski locals.

Jenkem got 2023 predictions and more from a bunch of familiar faces in their latest “Shop Talk” installment from the F.A. store with Father Bop, Efron, and more.

From Tom Brady to Harry Styles to Mark Suciu to Sean Sheffey to Rick Howard (with a lot more names in between) — Al Brown’s Nosesliders Substack tried to get to the bottom of the origin of tying your hoody strings.

Erik Fisher made a sick 12-minute Montreal video called “HELL HOLE,” with plenty of friends from the Dime universe, including what’s pretty much a full Zander Mitchell part.

Kenta Okamoto uploaded the fourth episode of his “Streetjunkeez” series, full of black and white Japanese night skating.

Solo has a cool feature about the randomest mementos people have brought back from traveling abroad for skate trips, which includes everything from a 6 kilogram jamón to a North Korean barf bag.

Curbed is reporting that New York’s metal mesh trash cans are going to be phased out starting this year. (Coincidentally right when Tyshawn announced he is retiring can tricks.) Add it to the list with MetroCards.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — A few minutes of Ville loosies + a few minutes of Seven Strong loosies + 45 (!) minutes of Andrew Reynolds loosies.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — The framing of the Bucks bench as Mason Plumlee’s left-handed jumpshot bounces on the rim is straight out of Hollywood. No, Mason Plumlee’s left-handed jumper is not the Play of the Week, but the cameraman is.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Guy Hanging At A Skate Shop: “Who do you think is better: Will Marshall or Zander Mitchell?”
Observant Gentleman: “I don’t know — that’s like a next level skate nerd debate.”
Guy Hanging At A Skate Shop: “Oh, I actually don’t skate.”

This turned ten this year 🕰

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