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Destroyed skater jeans. Pre-order now. $1,290. And here we were fretting about having raised the price of QS tees by $2 ☺️

“Forced into the wilderness for years first by cords, then by Dickies, Carharts and assorted chinos, jeans now are the stuff of kingdom-making and eternal glory.” And on that very same note, Boil the Oceans offers some analysis on how jeans have climbed to become the north star of the skateboard industry.

Leo Heinert + crew blitzed Black Hubba and threw a big contest on it a week ago. Flipping into a crook on that thing is nuts.

THAW” is a springtime edit by Christian Kerr featuring some friends from the internet skating #lowimpact spots in Brooklyn. Nose gap nose was fab.

“I remember meeting Rick Howard for the first time and being stunned by just how positive he was. I felt like such a breath of fresh air, which made me think about my own behavior and how I was being perceived. I had to start making a conscious effort to not only be more positive myself, but to also not let myself get so annoyed by little bullshit that doesn’t matter.” Chrome Ball has an all-time great edition of its long-running interview series. The new one with Jonathan Mehring really puts into perspective the absolute insanity of skateboard industry politics, especially in the days of print media dominance.

DLX-heavy round-up on the Insta comp circuit this week: 11 minutes of Busnenitz loosies + 8 minutes of Mason Silva loosies.

Not sure if it being cleaned-up is going to draw a renewed audience to Photosynthesis, but watching the ~remastered~ version Alien just uploaded on YouTube, I couldn’t help but belatedly realize that the whole video feels like it was filmed in maybe ten weekends.

Roving around Jersey with the new montage from Mainline crew, spotted via Skate Jawn.

The Slam blog caught Henry Sanchez for their “First & Last” series, a homage to one of Transworld‘s best features, back when it was a magazine.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀Giannis to himself lol.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Meatball: “My uncle makes the best homemade pizza. The hardest part is making the dough.”
Josh: “I know how to make a pretty good pizza.”
Meatball: “Really?”
Josh: “DiGiorno.”


  1. After reading Mehring’s CBI, I can’t think of a single thing less cool sounding than the Philly scene around the time when the most famous Philly videos were being filmed.

  2. i am alarmed by the lack of new future album discourse happening on here today

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