Like A Farmer

What in the wide wide world of sports is a “Training Field?!” Ummm hellooooo, it’s a F A C I L I T Y. There’s a quick feature on the making of the Palace Calvin Klein collab up on GQ. If you want some more Willem Dafoe New York content, highly recommend you watch Light Sleeper from 1992, assuming you’re ok with your movies being more ~vibes~ than plot. Written/directed by Paul Schrader (dude who wrote Taxi Driver obvs), and Susan Sarandon is hot af in it (lol) 🥵

Switch flip goals via Jessyka Bailey’s part in There’s Ruining Skateboarding video, which went up on Thrasher late last week.

Sometimes the skate gods smile down upon you, and you and some friends get a lot of time at Forbidden Banks. SOMETIMES. All that and more in Misc Moments #4 from Marcello, Nabi, Caleb, and the Canal boys.

Jenkem runs through the history of skaters using cars as spots — though aren’t we forgetting that Bob LaSalle won S.O.T.Y. in 2022 for nollie flipping off the hood of a car? Crazy how quick we forget things that haven’t even been announced yet.

A half hour of Kader loosies from over the years.

Was about to be like, “Oh, that’s the line Justin Henry was trying in the Eli Gesner thing Greg did when they go to the Museum,” but he’s wearing different pants (it’s always pants!) So, that probably means he went back for the one that made his “Airboat” section for Quasi.

We have an unwritten policy of not veering *too* hard into the Nostalgia Industrial Complex over here (obvs some vintage photos, an interview with an O.G., etc. every now and then are a go), but wow, 2014 was an absolutely insane year for music.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀This Luka pass is straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “It’s crazy me and Torey got a job in skateboarding at the same time, and ten years later, he’s a Calvin Klein model and I’m thinking of becoming a farmer.” — Francesco, Director of QS Italian Operations

From an introductory promo to The xx with a three-person team to prime billing on Houston and Lafayette Street. What a decade it’s been ❤️


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