Some Footage …For Posterity’s Sake

It is easy to forget that we’ve been living in “this” for two years already, given that 2020 and 2021 feel like one giant blob of time. And for all the things that have irreversibly changed during the pandemic, skateboarding — particularly with friends outside, not in a skatepark — has remained a consistent comfort for all of us.

I found this folder of unused footage that Dre filmed almost two years ago (a lot of the A-roll stuff wound up in Josh’s “Quaranteam” part), and just got sappy and appreciative skimming through it, so felt compelled to put it on a timeline to have as a memento ☺️

Some spots are no longer the free-for-alls they were in the aftermath of lockdown (still no telling if the pedestal / little ledge at Museum is staying there now that they removed the statue), a lot more skaters moved into the city over the course of the pandemic (lured by the temporarily cheaper rents obvs …who knows what that’ll spell now that all that shit is skyrocketing again), but overall, it was reassuring to watch this stuff back and not have it feel foreign ❤️

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