Josh Velez’s Quaranteam Part

Anybody selling hard goods can attest to the “skateboard boom” that began in the lockdown months. People who had not picked up a board in years because life got in the way were buying new completes because, like, wtf else was there to do?

But what about those who never let life entirely get in the way of skating? For them, this past spring was a tidal wave of free time that no gainfully employed adult skateboarder thought they would experience until they were retired with bad knees. It was a pass to be 17 again, at least for a bit.

As outlined in 2019’s outing, Josh has been on a half-decade streak of filming parts mostly on his two days off from work a week. For a sizable chunk of 2020, there was no work, so this year’s is an extended edition — complete with cameos from some extended QS family members who haven’t popped up in an edit for deep.

Edited by Eric Cruz. Appearances from Connor Champion, Kevin Tierney, Troy Stilwell, Zach Baker, Kadeem Walters, Ty Lyons, Meatball, Ryan Santiago, Cyrus Bennett, Haffa, Antonio Durao, Ron Parker.


  1. Pretty spot-on with the ‘skateboard boom’ comment. I used to be pretty decent at skateboarding when I was young, and when i started college i put my board away, but 10+ YEARS LATER, the covid lockdowns prompted me to pick things up again (and i’ve fallen in love with the sport all over again). I’ve met dozens of others who have picked things up again as well (like one guy who hadn’t skated in 20 years, now going to the skatepark with his son every weekend)

    so anyway, the point is I want to give a big shout out to Quartersnacks and other NY related blogs/shops/squads for keeping me up to date on a sport that all my friends have since forgotten about or just plain outgrew. You guys keep me motivated and pushing fast in a sport that I -regretfully- missed 10 years of.

  2. real ssick, ill to see cbs, courthouse and pw lines

    the nollie/slappy into ng ledge variations is interesting and he makes it look good

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