4PLY Presents: The 2021 #QSTop10 Analysis

Words by Pete Glover C/O 4Ply Magazine

Wax up you trackpad and tighten your ethernet cable, because the team at 4PLY Magazine has diligently recorded all 9000+ points of data created by the Quartersnacks Top Ten countdowns of the year 2021.

We utilized the awesome power of high school level statistics to make a bunch of comparative charts and other observations — and then we took it even further by cross-querying those numbers against the 2020 #QSTOP10 dataset to see which directions skateboarding is trending.

It’s just like Moneyball, except absolutely nothing is at stake.

Check out the full article on 4plymag.com, where you’ll learn the shocking answers to these and other burning questions:

• Who consistently ranked the highest and were they a contender for S.O.T.Y?
• How many tricks incorporated a wallie?
• What was the most popular type of obstacle?
• How many tricks involved trees?
• Were there more or less Instagram clips in the countdown compared to the previous year?
• How often did Lucas Puig appear in shorts and no shirt?
• How many different Vans videos produced countdown-worthy clips?
• What percentage of tricks filmed in Max Palmer Fountain were by Max Palmer?
• How many skaters were named “Kevin,” and did we include Spanky in that count?
• What woman was featured in the countdown 3 times?


• Tyshawn and no, he wasn’t on Thrasher‘s 2021 S.O.T.Y. contender page
• 17
• Ledges (33.6%)
• 2
• Less – down by 4.4%
• Shockingly, just once
• 7
• A third
• 8, including Spanky
• Maité Steenhoudt



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