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“I realized so many stories or moments that I’ve lived don’t have photos to accompany them. I wasn’t equipped, equipment-wise or mentally, to decide, ‘This moment is a photo,’ and I need to go out of my way to get it no matter what people think.” The Slam City Skates blog has an interview with French photographer, Benjamin Deberdt, about coming to New York to shoot photos of Keenan, Huf and the Cardona brothers in the nineties. (He shot the above Huf photo.)

Added Vu Skateshop’s “Lyric” video — filmed entirely at the Lyric Monument in Baltimore — to the QS One-Spot Part Map.

John Shanahan found a time machine behind the Peep This cassette in a bin of old VHS skate videos, found himself at Paine Webber in 1998, and somehow didn’t get kicked out of Forbidden Banks long enough to arrange the movable wooden benches in entirely new ways.

“Andrew Allen video parts are like cult classic movies.” Andrew Allen spoke to Monster Children about his new part.

Is everybody just comparing Andrew Allen’s skating to cult movies now? “Like the best cult films, there is a somewhat subversive sense of camp going on, an appreciation of the perverse that signals an underlying sense of sophistication.” Waxing the Curb wrote about A.A’s new Vans part. (Who’s gonna write the thing that correlates which part is what movie?)

Buffalo’s Moms Skateshop just released a seven-minute edit called “Lotta Light,” just before the cold hit 🥶

Caroline Duerr is the latest subject of Skate Jawn‘s” “$100 Chill” feature.

Crazy Ass Paterson Skaters posted some #tbt footage of the Paterson, NJ D.I.Y. spot, which is due to be demolished soon.

YouWillSoon offers up an extended skateboard fantasy sports rendition of what it would be like if Rick Howard and Mike Carroll shared an extended part in Mouse.

QS U.K. Desk: New Yardsale vid on the Free site + Farran interviewed Joe Allen about Pétanque for Vague, a video filmed throughout northern England.

#spotcheck: The Museum boarded off the Roosevelt statue that the central, long low ledge sits under. No telling what the final verdict re: the new layout of the plaza is.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: The Memphis home crowd chanting “DE-FENSE” when their team is …up 78 points.

Quote of the Week: “Snowboarding? That’s still around? I didn’t know people still did that.” — Dallas Todd