Dutchy ❤️ Photo by Zander Taketomo

Added Simone Rocca’s “BILLET DOUX” video, filmed entirely at Rome’s D.I.Y. spot, Ponte Della Musica, to the QS One-Spot Part Map. It is where we discovered 12th & A design principles had made their way to European skate spots while visiting in 2018.

“Is that an NFT on Mike Carroll’s opening line in Modus Operandi?” New Michigan-heavy Bronze 56k radio just dropped.

Ryan Mettz shared some photos from the making of HIT.

Breadwinner” is a sick eight-minute video from Lee Williams, Company Car, and the Boston youths.

The cap faces foward when you skate regular, but you gotta put it backwards when you skate switch 😝 Skate Jawn shared Jose Zapatero’s part in Tasteful. Jenkem has Fidel Gonzalez’s part, as well as an interview with the video’s creator, Abi Teixeira. You can watch the full video here.

No way you missed this, right? Mark Suciu skates midtown a lot, and 5050s that insanely steep rail a block north of World Trade in his new Spitfire part.

The depth of the print media scene across the Atlantic (compared to our own, at least) is widely-known, so the Slam blog ran down a brief history of U.K. skate magazines, past and present.

Village Psychic spoke to Tom K. about how spot sharing on the west coast differs — compared to Lurker Lou’s perspective — for their “Rules” series.

The Warm-Up Zone is back after a half-year hiatus, this time to write about Supreme’s “Mind Goblin” video — or, moreso the *filming* in Supreme’s Mind Goblin video.

Traffic reports are also back: New Jerseyian Ian McGraw headlines the return, with perhaps the first switch trick on the Brooklyn Heights ride-on ledge?

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Tyler Herro just for fun by accident.

Quote of the Week: “They don’t make ’em like Kanten Russell anymore.” — Shrimp C

Back in the “before time,” when we’d be going to Europe 2-3x a year, we had a 2015 trip when we landed in Copenhagen and went to spend the first night in Malmo at Francesco’s place (the QS Director of Italian & Scandinavian operations.) Torey flew in from London that same afternoon — and through some combination of being overworked, tired, whatever — went on to pass out on the worst couch ever until dinner. We ended up letting him sleep til it was time to Hit The Club™, but he could not be budged.

That next morning, we were all hungover but doing great, and he still had not got off the couch: this dude had been asleep for like 16 hours. It was past noon, and we were starting to get worried. He had been unresponsive all morning. “Is this dude ok?” We were in the kitchen, and “Preach” came on the lil’ bluetooth speaker. About a minute and fifteen seconds into it, you hear him yell from two rooms over, in perfect unison with the song: “She like to argue so I sent that to law schoooooool!” Dolph’s sermon had resurrected him; he walked into the kitchen, got an Alltimers tattoo from Francesco, and we were on our way.

Rest in Peace to a legend ❤️❤️❤️