Grand Reopening

Naquan Rollings has a new 16-minute video up on Thrasher. Mostly footage from trips out west, but a few New York clips in the middle. Marcello’s trick on the Joe’s Pizza Park thing was rad.

This story is crazy, sad, unbelievable: three men died early on Saturday morning after speeding past an intersection into the dead end street that contains the L.I.C. D.I.Y. spot. The car apparently went over the barrier, through the woodsy zone, and was submerged into Newtown Creek.

Anyone know if Little Island has spots yet? Jk, jk — that’s a rhetorical question. They prob won’t even let you in there with a board ;)

It’s wild how even some footy of Borough Hall in 2019 feels wholly of a different world already. S/O Santo & Johnny.

Considering the correct response to “I’m starting a skateboard company” is “wtf is wrong with you,” it’s interesting to read about drawing that objective out over the course of ~seven years. POP was the original distributor of QS in Belgium and the Netherlands, and over the years, as their company has grown into a *brand*, the “Pop Clips” have been a recurring Monday Links fave. Read about their journey into becoming a hardgoods company on Place, and watch the absolutely incredible promo that just went live on Thrasher.

Matty Hilzenrath uploaded his mostly New Jersey video, The B Side, online in full. Has an ender part from Brian O’Dwyer, who had the final section in the “Down Bad” vid from early April.

Augustin Giovannoni has a quick edit via the new gen out of Paris.

“Being [in your] thirties is sick.” 4-Ply interviewed Marisa Dal Santo.

Mark Del Negro gave Village Psychic his list of the five best skaters from our nation’s first state. That Akers wallie on Canal and Christie…

Boil the Ocean reminds you to appreciate your Muskas while you have ’em. I remember the day Shaq announced retirement, some commentator said “You’re going to see another Michael Jordan before you see another Shaquille O’Neal,” and got reminded of that quote somehow reading this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Quote of the Week: “Everything about trying slappies is embarrassing unless you’re actually doing them.” — Josh Velez re: learning slappy tricks. Everything’s embarrassing!