#QSTOP10 — January 8, 2021

Back after a holiday hiatus — during which, a lot of incredible skateboarding dropped. Godspeed felt like more of an event video than anything else from 2020. It’s *the* video of 2020 (and it’s at 1.2 million views on YouTube!) Beyond that, there were incredible releases from Homies Network, Yardsale, DC, Wknd

The following encapsulates only the past week of #content. It was tough-enough narrowing just these past seven days down to ten clips.

If you’ve been caught in a doom-scroll spiral, Ian Ostrowski’s Genesis 2 cannot be recommended enough as a break. Smiled so many times watching it, and the second “Nameless” kicked in 1/4th of the way through the video, it just turned into a full party ♥ Shout out to everyone involved with that project, Genesis 2 rules.

The skating, yeah — it’s fucked. But the FILMING in “13:37” …sheesh. First immediate run-back after finishing the first viewing of 2021.

Original Clips:


Intro via Genesis 2 [link]
10) Dylan Clark via Genesis 2 [link]
9) Hugo Corbin via “Marie-France” part [link]
8) Axel Lindquist via “13:37” [link]
7) Ryan Townley via “Layers” part [link]
6) Charlie Munro via “Travel Corridor #1 – Milan” [link]
5) Billy McFeely via IG [link]
4) Troy Gipson via Genesis 2 [link]
3) Josef Skott Jatta via “13:37” [link]
2) Junior via “Junior For Pig Wheels” [link]
1) Simon Hallberg via “13:37” [link]


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