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2020 Time Traveller and/or Tom Penny in 1993 by Andrew Horesly, spotted via Science Versus Life

HUF uploaded a raw footy diary of a cross-country road trip with Mason Silva, which includes much of the Spitfire part. The New York portion runs from ~6:55 through the end. It’s rad to see him pay tribute to Jake Johnson Mind Field-era spots, and they do a good job of showing why that West Houston Street hubba was an NBD for so long.

Angel Fonseca has a new part out that’ll have you missing summer days at that BAM ledge.

Vague magazine shared Hiroki Muraoka’s part from the new Traffic video, Third Shift. It includes a *wild* keyhole kickflip at the McCarren Park couch.

Blake Scott’s ender section to the Richmond-based Tumultuous video is now online. (Keep mislabeling this as being from Upstate — apologies for that.) The cut from day to night on the ender was such a nice way to tell a quick story about the trick. Love when the celebration plays long too :)

You Only Love Once” is a fun montage filmed around the city that has no influences ;) Spotted via Skate Jawn.

Our friends at Place uploaded part two of their “Unsigned Hype” series, this time with Leon Charo-Tite from Freiburg, Germany. “Many have gotten stamped and sidelined as the ‘German Skater.’ To our U.S. audience, that’s kind of like being stamped Canadian or Brazilian in the early 2000s.” Read the interview and watch the part to understand Leon is much more than a “German Skater.” The ender defies physics.

Ray Barbee recommends a book, a record, a skate video and a film for Slam City Skates’ “Offerings” series + chats a bit about riding for Krooked.

Skateism spoke to some organizers and participants about the indispensable value of skate meet-ups.

Blue Couch uploaded a teaser for their upcoming “Prologue” video.

“Take us behind the scenes of your legendary viral freak-out.” Hugo Balek is the latest guest on The Bunt.

The new episode of the Milan-based Skate Muzik podcast plays back the soundtracks of the Milan-based Rat Ratz edits.

For the three people whose only portal into modern skateboarding is QS: Ben Chadourne’s Converse video, Seize the Seconds, went live on Thrasher just before the weekend. Features an incredible mostly-New York part by Alexis Sablone, and perhaps Louie Lopez’s best part to date. Sammy Baca’s ability to pop up and just have the best trick in a video is unparalleled — thinking Baker 4 and Boys of Summer II — but you can make the case for the fakie flip in here as well.

Quote of the Week: “Why do fries always taste better when they’re someone else’s?” — Ty Lyons re: never ordering his own fries

P.S. Holiday QS goods finally touched down at European and Australian shops last week. Check your local.

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