#QSTOP10 — October 9, 2020

80 degree Saturday, might be the last one for a minute :(

Pretty #indie week we on the countdown.

Original Clips:


Intro via @zeredbassett on IG [link] 10) Pat Laflamme via Number 2 [link] 9) Ayahiro Uratsuka via “MAN WHO” [link] 8) Shogo Zama via IG [link] 7) Tommy Wright via Number 2 [link] 6) Dave Abair via “Welcome to My World” part [link] 5) Martino Cattaneo via “Masher: Martino” [link] 4) Christian Henry via “Welcome to Real” part [link] 3) Ryan Santiago via IG [link] 2) Mark Suciu via IG [link] 1) Max Couling via Lovesick Skateboard’s “I Found Love” video [link]


Previously: October 2, 2020


  1. Surprised to see #3 among such better and less unoriginal clips. Also sick that there’s a skater named Tommy Wright

  2. Not to be a nose truther, but what if Suciu did the rest of the line up until the bs flip fakie nosegrind on the nose and that trick was actually off the tail? Obviously, OBVIOUSLY a great line either way.

  3. That noseslide nose manny nollie flip was ugly af – an affront to sensibilities really – the equivalent of the Gucci Thanos sneakers – and not the real ones stolen from the Gucci store in May of 2020 – the sino-african knockoffs sold by culture vultures on Canal St

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