#QSTOP10 — October 2, 2020

Preemptive apologies for doubling up on ender tricks for the final two slots — typically, we try to avoid that when possible. However, it was one of those weeks when no matter where your biases for skateboarding may fall, there was one thing that was the most insane.

A lot of cutty Euro videos this week, the heart and soul of indie skate media in 2020 :)

Happy birthday Andre Page



Intro via @tuesdaysskateshop [link] 10) Sondre Mortensen via Darkzone [link] 9) Reece Knobloch via “Puig Voyage” [link] 8) Sam Vroman via “Attention Deficit Anxiety” [link] 7) Amélien Foures via “Welcome to Rave” video [link] 6) Marcello Campanello via Canal New York’s “Canal PR” video [link] 5) Kai Hillebrand via “Chrystie NYC” part [link] 4) Emile Laurent via IG [link] 3) Diego Alvarado via IG [link] 2) Vincent Millou via “Free Part” [link] 1) Dane Burman via “Hope to Die” part [link]


Previously: September 25, 2020


  1. ^this about most of the stuff on thrasher. the milton part was “amazing” but never felt compelled to rewatch it again. the my war thing about the kickflip was better than the part imo,

  2. You two are not wrong at all, but I watched Dane’s part again because of these comments, and I am glad that I did. I can’t comprehend that kind of skateboarding, but it’s an very well constructed part.Also there should be more skateboarding to sad songs that aren’t Morrisey. I mean, Morrisey is cool too, but, you know, there’s enough.

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