#QSTOP10 — September 25, 2020

Rest in Peace, Keith Hufnagel ♥ Thank you for everything.

Much love to his friends and family.

Definitely want to write about the tremendous impact Huf had, especially for anyone who grew up skating on the east coast, but don’t want to rush out any thoughts.

Original Clips:


Intro via Shareef Grady on Twitter [link] 10) Lukas Garbas via IG [link] 9) Hayden Burns via “Cuteness Inside” [link] 8) Ryo Takahashi via Kenta Okamoto’s “Pale” video [link] 7) Daewon Song via IG [link] 6) Mark Suciu via IG [link] 5) Notis Aggelis Museum of Love part [link] 4) Blake Norris via “Julia” part [link] 3) Chris Colburn via “Heatwave” part [link] 2) Chris Pfanner via Anti-Hero’s “QUANTINIUM” video [link] 1) Keith Hufnagel via Eastern Exposure 3 [link]


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