11 Is The New 4

Photo via Jason Lecras

“She’s like, ‘Are you that exciting that somebody is going to follow you all day?’ And I’m like, ‘Hell yeah.'” There’s a bit of #fomo with each slice of content that involves friends abroad these days. Pocket‘s “Followed” segment kicked it with Hjalte Halberg for a day. Yes there are noseslides, yes we miss his beautiful Danish voice. “Ah, ok, fuck.”

Who knows what love is” is a fifteen-minute homie video by Lorenzo Frijas. 2/3 Bay Area footage, 1/3 New York, all good vibes the whole way through ♥

Jahmir Brown is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Shari White uploaded a new edit comprised of B-sides from her Credits video, entitled “Maximum Flow.” There’s a quick Q & A with her and Norma Ibarra over on the Parade site as well.

Jenkem went out to Queens Village to hang out with Moose (“not the Deathwish one.”) Rob Campbell cameo included.

Neil MacDonald from Science Versus Life has a #longform interview with Jeremy Elkin over on the Slam site. It covers making skate videos in Montreal and New York, to eventually making All The Streets Are Silent, the upcoming documentary about skateboarding, hip-hop and fashion converging in nineties New York.

Increments 2” is a buddy edit of a bunch of Buffalo dudes filmed over the course of the past year. Spotted via Skate Jawn.

Paradeworld also got ahold of Gino Iannucci for a quarantine catch-up re: his brand, Poets.

Chris Mulhern has a new teaser out for his Love Park documentary. It’s been three years of teasers though! Really want to see this one :)

Coming soon to a luxury brand footwear designer’s inbox near you: Village Psychic updated the Axion section of Village Archive, its growing IMDB for skate shoes.

Always enjoy a glimpse into a skate scene that we otherwise know nothing about. (The greatest compliment you can give a skate video from a place you’ve never been to is that it makes you want to visit.) Our friends at Place.tv have an interview + new video with the new generation out of Hamburg, Germany entitled “Homeless II” and it is fire. Those mini rail tricks into the cobblestones are wild.

Quote of the Week: “You guys don’t even skate, you guys are just friends.” — Yaje Popson

Caught this one in Will Miles’ Milano Centrale edit and enjoyed it. (Middle section with the night footage.)