R.I.P. Century 21

Photo by Jason Lecras

Watch Michael Nicholas’ Untilted video if you have yet to do so.

Twelve minutes of Nik Stain B-sides + loosies via Zubr.

“Through It All” is a rad 11-minute New York edit from James Vail. Blackbyrds on any skate soundtrack is getting posted here :)

“I’ve died a thousand times but I’m still alive.” The Warm Up Zone wrapped up its series of Fred Gall tributes. Truly blessed to share the 2020 internet with a “new” blog dedicating half-a-summer to writing #longform posts about every crevice of Fred Gall’s career ♥ Fuck starting an Instagram, everyone write a paragraph.

Al Davis offers up a summer recap from Camp Jake A.K.A. Jake Johnson’s mini ramp in State College, Pennsylvania + surrounding street spots.

ICYMI: Thrasher re-uploaded Adidas’ Reverb video, which was originally posted just after Christmas last year, but then disappeared. (Music rights are usually the main culprit here, yes?) And we can all agree that Gustav’s ender section is eligible for “Best of 2020” accolades considering it came out in the final week of 2019 — after all “Best of 2019” awards were issued, correct? Shin’s reaction after Créteil backside noseblunt is still #lol every time.

Tobin Yelland spoke to the Slam City Skates blog about shooting photos through multiple generations of skateboarding.

Been slow on the New York media circuit this past week, so we’re going out to Europe virtually …because us Americans can’t physically go out there…

“Sink” from Cinquième Terrasse is an always-appreciated glimpse into the deeper corners of the Paris scene. They also cover like four dimensions of #musicsupervision.

AND1-inspired montage from the OG.2000 thinktank on the occasion of some new merch. First skate brand to get that AND1 collab wins.

Pop Trading Company continues to have some of the most ~different~ looking edits out there, and their latest is a frantic, desaturated journey into a version of Europe where every spot feels unseen to our outsider eyes.

Farewell, Century 21. Sock supplier to us all ♥ (This IG post was actually an indirect Century 21 tribute until it got hijacked into other topics.)

Quote of the Week
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Do you like skating high?”
E.J: “No, but I like …skating.”

Summer 2020’s official “Get Out of a Shitty Mood”-song ♥