Sun Came Out

Green Lady repping QS ♥ Spotted via @newyorknico on IG

ICYMI: A message from Tyshawn Jones

Christian Kerr is selling prints from a 2017 visit to Lebanon in order to fundraise for disaster relief in Beirut.

Our family at NJ Skateshop spent a lot of time at the Hebrew Hideout D.I.Y. spot, and they have a new “Freddy & Friends” edit of that time over on Thrasher.

“Switch tailslides, cargo pants, crack, nudity, love, loss, bank-to-walls, explosions, blood, bondo, guest boards, plywood, tuk-tuks, tucked junk… Get ready for a lot of fun and excitement.” And on that note, new-ish skate blog, Warm Up Zone (love that people are still starting skate blogs tbh), is doing a complete retrospective on Fred Gall’s videography.

Cooper Winterson has a new edit from the newly renovated Riverside Skatepark (bowls aren’t done yet, but the rest of the park is.)

With Big Screen boarded off (skated by the other day, doesn’t seem like they modified anything …yet), it looks like that four then eight on the west side might become the de facto spot of the summer. That, and a grip of other footage from around the city, cameos of the Homies Network dudes, etc. in the half New York / half Atlanta “Fuck Face” video from Melodi.

The first “Mean Streets” montage from LurkNYC in a minute.

Parade has a feature on the “community center” aspect of skate shops and what shops are doing to help support BLM causes.

The Light Culture podcast had Eli Gesner on to discuss All the Streets Are Silent and more. You can read our review of the film here.

Feels like Brent Atchley has always retained a “I’m not into park footage but I like his park footage”-mystique. Memory Screen paid tribute to him in their latest retrospective.

“There was an old teammate of mine who told me that he would get in arguments with his partner and then just take the board out of the house and focus it.” Enjoyed this Solo interview with Ryan Lay.

Quote of the Week: “Damn, do I look like DJ Khaled?” — Pad Dowd


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