Can’t Pull Up With No Two Seats We Too Deep

Huf via 2000 via Mike O’Meally on the photo via Science Versus Life on the scan

“Everyone deserves a chance to show their heart.” Aaron Wiggs was the most recent guest on Lee Smith’s Mission Statement podcast, discussing the BLM sidewalk sale at McGolrick Park, losing family to coronavirus, and more heavy topics (there’s laughs too though.) An inspirational listen, and an affirmation that we’re all capable of making a difference ♥

Steve Mastorelli has a sick new edit out featuring a bunch of New Jersey dudes, a stubborn hubba ledge, a 10/10 frontside 180 nosegrind the helicopter way, etc.

“So Fred waited until the final days of the trip to get his attempts in ‘…you know, in case he died.'” Nothing like maximizing the fun on a trip to Thailand when you gotta potentially cheat death trying a skate trick on the trip’s last day. The Warm-Up Zone has the full story (+ footage!) of the Fred Gall moving bus wallride photo from Bangkok that was making the rounds a few years back.

And the mathematicians at 4-Ply A.K.A. Skateboarding’s FiveThirtyEight crunched all the numbers on Fred Gall’s career to to produce a statistical analysis of everything he’s ever done.

“I don’t want to be thought of as milking it, I want to be remembered as someone who went for it and did good shit.” Our friends at Place followed up with Mark Appleyard after the release of his recent Thrasher part.

Skate Jawn has a recap of the park clean-up and skate jam at Fat Kid Park put on in memory of Pablo Ramirez.

Like small skateboard brands and musicians, the United States Postal Service has been reduced to selling t-shirts in order to subsidize the actual purpose of their existence. Glad to have you guys onboard ;)

Punjabi Deli is on the shortlist of most-essential New York skater pitstops, and you have likely heard that they are now open to serving two [masked] customers at a time for take-out. A GoFundMe has been created to help their operational costs after they were forced to shut down for four months due to the pandemic. It’s as essential to us as an actual skate shop, so please send them a couple bucks — you know they’ve saved you some.

A GoFundMe has also been created for Anthony Huber’s family. Anthony Huber was the skateboarder in Kenosha, Wisconson, who was killed while heroically trying to take down a gunman who opened fire on protesters.

Eby is throwing a mixer for the release of his new Stoops zine at T.F. West today from 4-7. Flyer here. Graver dropped off some new obstacles that way yesterday too.

Quote of the Week: “No matter what time you leave to go to the beach, you show up at 3.” — Zach Baker re: New York City beach days


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