#QSTOP10 — February 21, 2020

We’re never in the market for 5050 kickflips (though have written about *one* before…), but that particular 5050 kickflip was fucked. We won’t be shopping around for another one until 2040, thanks.

And the WKND video is quite great, yes. That Japan section towards the end feels like something from a mid-period 411 in the best way possible. Grant even used a classic Project Pat song. #musicsupervision is easy if you remember crunk ain’t dead ;)

Usually try to make these things from a mix of sources, but it was one of those weeks when Thrasher had most of the good stuff. Give the Razor video out of Australia a whirl if you’re looking for something a bit less ~obvious~. Could’ve included way more shit from it if it weren’t one of those weeks with 25 suggestions for the countdown on the office whiteboard.

And not only is the best skate meme of 2020 another Drake one (see bottom for 2019) — @shrimpdaddy on IG elevated it to another level. Thanks for all the laughs in these trying times.

Happy Rihanna’s Birthday, everyone ♥

EDIT: #5 is Sam Sutton.

Original Clips:


Intro via @shrimpdaddy on IG [link] 10) Jamal Smith via “Abnormal Communication: Episode 2” [link] 9) Dick Rizzo via Thrasher‘s “Wrecking Crew: Toronto to Philly” video [link] 8) Dom Henry via IG [link] 7) Trevor Thompson via WKND’s Death Dance video [link] 6) Alex Schmidt via WKND’s Death Dance video [link] 5) Sam Sutton Anthony Gotsis via Razor [link] 4) Christian Maalouf via WKND’s Death Dance video [link] 3) Corey Glick via Thrasher‘s “Wrecking Crew: Toronto to Philly” video [link] 2) Pedro Delfino via Thrasher‘s “Wrecking Crew: Toronto to Philly” video [link] 1) Karsten Kleppan via WKND’s Death Dance video [link]


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  1. Kevin Liedtke’s nollie heel into the bank from the Wrecking Crew clip. Felt like it was the best one I’ve ever ever seen.

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