#QSTOP10 — February 14, 2020

We went from one-word part and video names dominating the past five years to even simpler times. New part? Let’s call it “Bob.” Let’s call it “Shin.” Do people only know your Instagram name? Let’s use your ….real name. It’s stressful enough living in these last days (before you see “Mikey Taylor’s ‘Bloomberg 2020’ part premiering tomorrow” in our dystopian hell) without having to come up with some long-winded part title that you explain in an interview ;) Raise some money to clean the oceans instead, yaknow?

POP Clip mainstay, Billy Hoogendijk’s new video “Cabrio Enterprise” gets a nod for “good video you may have missed” in a week full of parts from QS office favorites — Max, Shin, Bobby DeKeyzer, etc.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all

Original Clips:


Intro via @daneburman on IG [link] 10) Hugo Boserup via IG [link] 9) Max Palmer via “Year of the Rat” part [link] 8) Koen Mulder via “Cabrio Enterprise” [link] 7) Jacopo Carozzi via IG [link] 6) Jip Koorevaar via “Cabrio Enterprise” [link] 5) Bobby DeKeyzer via “BOB” part [link] 4) Lucas Puig via IG [link] 3) Shin Sanbongi via “Shin” part [link] 2) Hyun Kummer via “Versace Plug” part [link] 1) Shane O’Neill via “The Extra Bit” part [link]


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