The Grip Is Jessup Black, Got The Bolts & Nuts To Match

Let’s begin this Tuesday edition of Monday Links with some inspiration from those wiser in their years than us…

“All love is self-love, all hate is self-hate” via this nice mini interview with Andrew Reynolds.

“You tell people what you think is rad and that’s all that matters” via Skate Jawn‘s interview with Lance Dawes.

No pro part (yet?), but if Bond Street Gap was three or four feet longer than it already is, he still would’ve cleared it.

New York magazine has a quick Q & A with T.J. for their “They Seem Cool” series.

Kyota and Homies Network threw a new iPhone edit up on YouTube.

“Will the 90-10, practical but aesthetically sort of off-putting, clear the way for a renaissance of ‘true’ 50-50s, similar to what Brian Wenning’s mid-block pop-outs did for the backside nosegrind?” Boil the Ocean considers how the 5050 grind became the 90-10 grind over the past few years thanks to Jamie Foy et al.

Transworld has Kento Yoshioka’s part from Ricardo Napoli’s Ciao video up on their site, which is filmed entirely in New York, and full of wild and um, interesting trick selection ;)

“If you have nothing to say, that voice doesn’t really matter. If you’re really good but you have no new idea, or you don’t bring substance to the table, I don’t think that has a long shelf life. I don’t think that people genuinely care about the hardest tricks as much as they think they do.” Skateism has some thoughts regarding our current state where Instagram seems like the only thing capable of keeping people’s attention.

Chromeball sits down for a second interview with before our time yet still QS favorite, Ronnie Bertino, where he addresses what is probably one of the most notorious nights in skate history.

Skateboard Story interviewed the Bunt guys. When are they going to have Drake on there to talk skateboarding and Finals predictions?

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: The moral of the story is, never doubt a Finals MVP.

Quote of the Week:
[while browsing through Spotify]
“Yo, actually, he has a second song…it’s another country joint. It’s called ‘Old Town Road.'” — Meatball, with the straightest possible look on his face (ok, maybe you had to be there.)

This time of the year always gets the office nostalgic for this early 2010s corner of Atlanta music. New QS mixtape soon? :)


  1. Wow so is there a QS intern whose only job is to comb the personals looking for skater boy thirst traps?
    Or maybe they don’t take much effort to find? There sure as hell seems to be an abundance

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