#QSTOP10 — April 19, 2019

The nosegrind down a hubba with a board that doesn’t have a nose was probably the best trick in that Max Geronzi part, but it didn’t register until repeat viewings outside of office hours. Otherwise, this one is as all over the place as the last few. Nice to see new Frank footage though :)

Original Clips:


Intro via the depths of the internet [link] 10) Guy Mariano via “Welcome to Thunder” commercial 9) Frank Gerwer via Anti-Hero’s “Implosionistic Tendencies: 28 MPH” video [link] 8) Manny Benitez via Andrew’s “Stranger That Paradise” video [link] 7) Elijah Odom via Andrew’s “Stranger That Paradise” video [link] 6) Ben Campbell via “SOVRN: FLÂNEURS” [link] 5) Kaue Cossa via Converse Brazil’s “Chuck Riders” video [link] 4) Justin Damer via “SOVRN: FLÂNEURS” [link] 3) Max Geronzi via “Back To The 80s” part [link] 2) Chris Athans via Northern Co’s “Thuggy” video [link] 1) Nassim Guammaz via Element’s Peace video [link]


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