#QSTOP10 — April 12, 2019

One of our favorite drunk pastimes at the QS office after hours is watching Figgy raw file videos (this and this being among our personal favorites in that genre), but even we had to take alarm with him treating a potential concussion with …a Corona. (I guess it’s a #hellride though…)

Heavy on the hucking and Euros this week. See ya around :)

Original Clips:


Intro via @fuckthisvideo on IG [link] 10) Gilbert Crockett [link] 9) Pietro Tirelli via Carhartt WIP’s “Social #4” video [link] 8) Victor Campillo via “Video d’Haze #2” [link] 7) Magnus Bordewick via IG [link] 6) Figgy via Independent’s “Scabs For Slabs” video [link] 5) Solon Lalas via “Screw Loose Fastening Co.- Abstraite Relations x01” link] 4) Simon Jensen via “Welcome to Krooked” part [link] 3) Wilton Souza via “Your World Don’t Stop” part [link] 2) Pedro Delfino via Independent’s “Scabs For Slabs” video [link] 1) Milton Martinez via Independent’s “Scabs For Slabs” video [link]


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